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Medical Call Centers For Better Healthcare

ID-10086778It is information age at present. Many people believe that information age started after collapse of Berlin Wall in 1989. In today’s information age there is a saying, “if you have information, you are successful”. Without using technologies and techniques of information age it is difficult to be successful in present era, may it be a healthcare industry or health care service. If any healthcare service provider (May it be a hospital, clinic or any other healthcare facility) do not use information sharing and information age techniques, it is difficult to succeed. It is highly important to have medical call center for every healthcare facility and every healthcare service provider.

Hospitals, clinics (may be small private clinic of a dentist of psychiatrist) and all health care facility should use service of a medical call center. If you own a hospital or clinic it may not be possible to maintain and run a medical call center on your own, than you can use service of medical call centers, who can provide the call center service you need and you can concentrate on providing better healthcare to your clients.  Read more…

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Use CPAP Pillow And Sleep Better

ID-100110617CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is use of continuous positive pressure to maintain breathing by providing continuous pressure to the airway for patients suffering from various pulmonary diseases (breathing problems) such as obstructive sleep apnea, as treatment for respiratory distress syndrome in infants.

Sleep apnea is a common health problem and use of CPAP equipment such as CPAP pillow mask is commonly used treatment of choice among patients and physicians. Sleep apnea is a breathing problem during sleep where patient breathing may stop for sometime during sleep due to obstruction in the airway. To overcome the obstruction in the airway a continuous positive pressure is applied using CPAP equipments as treatment of sleep apnea and similar respiratory problems. Read more…

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Lymphedema Symptoms And Treatment

LymphademaLymphedema or lymphatic obstruction, which results in fluid retention (edema) which is localized and local tissue swelling due to obstruction of lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for returning of interstitial fluid to blood stream via thoracic duct. All vessels of lymphatic system drain into thoracic duct, which finally drain into blood stream, thus fluid is re-circulated between tissues and blood stream. When there is obstruction to this physiological lymphatic system at any point and formation of localized lymphedema, there is increased risk of infection in that area. Worldwide lymphedema affects approximately 150 million people with various degrees of symptoms.

What are the symptoms of lymphedema?

Symptoms of lymphedema are swelling of limb(s) or local area (such as neck, head etc.) due to accumulation of fluid, discoloration of skin over swelling, generalized weakness (fatigue) and eventually deformity of limbs or local area. Read more…

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Get Personal Trainer Certificate and Become Personal Trainer

ID-100120608If you (or anyone) want to take up profession of personal training as a carrier, the first thing you need is a personal trainer certificate from a recognized personal training institute such as National Personal Training Institute. Qualified personal trainers have requisite personal training certification from an institute that offer personal training or fitness-training course.

What is the job/function of personal trainer?

A personal trainer is actually a fitness expert whose job is to provide fitness training to individuals (including athletes, individuals who want to remain fit and healthy) and prescribe fitness program for individuals. A personal trainer may prescribe specific fitness routine (program that can fit in routine activities of the individual) to an individual who may not attend to training sessions conducted by them. Such fitness programs must be individualized, because every individual have different activity and different expectation and limitations and a personal trainer must keep that in mind while prescribing a fitness regimen for a person. Job of a fitness trainer or personal trainer does not end in prescribing a fitness regimen for an individual, but he/she is actually an educator, who educates and trains their clients about importance of fitness and how to maintain fitness level and also health benefits of remaining fit. Read more…

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Get Mold Testing Of Your House Done And Stay Healthy

ID-10091014What is mold?

Mold is the term used for large number of fungal species, growth of which on any object results in moldy appearance, especially vegetative objects such as foods. If there is growth of mold in food or in any object, it becomes discolored.

What are the common molds?

Common molds include aspergillus, mucor, penicillium, cladosporieum, trichoderma, fusarium, rhizopus etc.

Molds, if grow in homes can lead to various health problems to the dwellers of the affected homes, such as allergy to mold, asthmatic attacks etc. Read more…

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Color Analyzer in Heath Care

ID-100132172Color analyzers have several uses in health care industry. There are various instruments (machines) that analyze color and provide useful information, which are of immense value in health care and patient care, such as help in diagnosis, monitoring and analysis of various medical disorders. There are various types of color analyzers used, such as colorimeter, spectrometer, gloss meter, color analyzer etc.

Color analyzers (such as colorimeters) are devices that measure the absorbance capacity of particular wavelength of light by a solution (such as urine, serum, CSF or cerebro-spinal fluid or any body fluid etc.). Color analyzers are most commonly used for determining the concentration of a solute in a given solution, in which color analyzers uses a law (Beer-Lambert law), which states that “concentration of a solute is proportionate to absorbance capacity”. This law is used for measuring concentration of various solutes in urine (such as bilirubin and other pigments, presence of a drug in urine etc.), serum (such as bilirubin, hemoglobin, urea, creatinine etc.).

Colorimeters use a reagent, which react with the analyte (the solute whose concentration is to be measured) and undergo measurable color change that can be measured by colorimeter using colorimetry technique. Read more…

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When You Should Get Help For Mental Health Issues

ID-10076342Many people who have mental health issues don’t realize that they do or are in denial. As a result, they do not get the help they need. They settle for a lesser quality of life—not feeling happy, not having good relationships, not enjoying life. This is unfortunate because no one has to live that way.

If you suspect you might have a mental health issue, care about yourself enough to seek help. It might feel scary, but getting help is the key to helping you become healthy.

Some signs you might want to seek help include:

·  Feeling like you are on an emotional roller coaster

·  Use of recreational drugs or alcohol to assuage your troubles

·  Having suicidal thoughts or feeling hopeless

·  Feeling anxious or worrying all the time

·  Having trouble going to sleep or staying asleep

·  Feeling depressed

·  A change in appetite, or rapid weight loss or gain

·  Being overly emotional or experiencing big mood swings

·  Having difficulty concentrating

You can also complete an anonymous online survey here to screen yourself for potential disorders. Your friends or family, people who love and care about you, may have suggested that you get some help. If these are people you trust you should consider their concerns and that something may be wrong. Read more…

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Spectrophotometers in Health Care

ID-10041924Spectrophotometry is quantitative measurement of the reflection and/or transmission properties of a material as a function of wavelength.  Spectrophotometry may involve in visible light, ultraviolet light or infrared light. Spectrophotometers can be single beam or double beam. Single beam spectrophotometers measures difference in light intensities between a test sample and a reference. Double mean spectrophotometers can compare/calculate variation in light intensities produced before and after inserting into the device.

Spectrophotometers are useful in medical field, for estimation of carbon concentration in organic matter; detect concentration of pentoses and for various researches etc.

Spectrophotometers in healthcare:

If you plan to set up a diagnostic medical lab it is important to get one spectrophotometer. Spectrophotometers are indispensible for a medical diagnostic lab. Spectrophotometers are useful for determination of solid particles in any liquid or suspension, especially in blood samples. Read more…

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Hospital Laundry Service is Important Part of Patient Care

ID-1004564Clean cloths and clean environment (surrounding) is important for good (optimal) health of any person, and clean clothes are very important for patient care in any health care setup, such as hospitals. Proving clean and hygienic clothes is very important for patient care and speedy recovery of patients in any hospital. Every hospital should have provision for providing clean and hygienic clothing for every patient they admit for treatment. Without providing adequate supply of clean and hygienic clothing to a patient a hospital cannot provide optimal health care. It is therefore of utmost importance to supply clean and hygienic hospital linen to every indoor patient.

Every hospital has a system for providing clean and hygienic clothing to their indoor admitted patients. Some hospitals have their own hospital laundry service within the hospital under their own management and some hospitals outsource the hospital laundry service to some hospital laundry outsourcing agency.

In every hospital it is important to change hospital linen daily with clean and hygienic linen, which is usually done in the morning. Every patient should be provided with clean and hygienic bed cover, mattress cover, pillow covers, blankets and other linen accessories used by patients (e.g. towels). Read more…

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What is Echocardiography

ID-10096259Echocardiography is ultrasonography of heart (cardio means heart). Echocardiography is used for creating images of hear of various types, such as two dimensional, three dimensional and Doppler images of heart for diagnosis of various ailments of heart. Echocardiography has become important diagnostic tool for various heart diseases and its popularity as a diagnostic tool is increasing day by day.

Echocardiography has become important and popular tool and it is routinely used for diagnosis, management, and follow-up of various heart conditions. In the field of cardiology (study of disease of heart and their management) for diagnostic purpose, echocardiography is the most commonly used tool. The reason of popularity of echocardiography as a diagnostic tool in cardiology is that, it can provide tons of useful information about heart such as the size of the heart, shape of the heart, pumping capacity of heart, extent of damage in case of MI (myocardial infarction) and various other useful information about heart (such as calculation of cardiac output, diastolic function etc.) which can be of immense use in management of various heart diseases. Echocardiography is a non-invasive diagnostic method and it does not have any known side effects, which is also a reason for its popularity as a diagnostic tool. Read more…

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