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In the Know: Ten Crucial Considerations for Laser Eye Patients

ID-100137964When you’re thinking about laser eye surgery, it’s important to know the truth rather than relying on the myths, radio ads, and hype about these procedures. There are all kinds of procedures available, all of which aim to restore clear, unaided vision.
Here are ten important factors you should consider when thinking about Ultralase eye laser surgery, no matter what stage of the decision you’re currently working through.

1. Decide why you’re doing it.
If you’re simply getting laser eye surgery to get rid of your glasses, tell your eye doctor and clinic this. You may well end up still needing to wear glasses. You can’t get a guarantee that you’re going to be glasses-free, though you may have a better prescription than before.

2. Look for a great surgeon.
An experienced ophthalmologist who is certified and has a low complication rate is the best bet. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their complication rate, experience, after-surgery care levels and clinic procedures, in case you have an emergency while they’re away. Read more…

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What are the Health Benefits of Tea

ID-10046439Tea has many health benefits and we all are aware of it. The enormous health benefits of tea can be best explained by a Chinese proverb “you can go without food for a week, but can not go without tea for a day”. Tea is a source of several healthy ingredients such as antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to name a few. Tea is only next to water for replacing fluid in our body, and water only replace the body fluid but tea can supply many nutrients along with replacing water for the body.

Some of the health benefits of tea are mentioned here and they are

  • Tea has anticancer properties and tea is credited with preventing certain cancers due to presence of large amounts of antioxidants in tea.
  • Tea can boost mental alertness and help to remain awake and very helpful for students, especially before exams. Tea helps in remaining calm as well as alert.
  • Tea has some anti diabetic properties and can postpone development of type II diabetes among susceptible individuals. Read more…

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Top Natural Remedies for Restless Legs

ID-100120664This neurological disorder known also as Willis-Ekbom disease is described as an irresistible urge to move some parts of the body in order to stop uncomfortable and odd sensations. It usually affects the legs, thus it is called Restless Legs Syndrome, but it can affect other parts of the body such as arms, torso, and head.  When one moves the affected part of the body, a temporary relief occurs. RLS usually appear when one is trying to sleep or when the atmosphere is relaxing, although some reported that it could also occur during the day, when one is sitting for a long time, for instance. The sensation related to RLS range from pain in the muscles to an unpleasant “tickle” or “crawling” feeling.

Symptoms of the RLS

Symptoms differ from person to person. RLS may start at any age, and it may progress for some or remit in others. Words that usually describe the sensation of RLS include words such as “antsy”, painful, uncomfortable, itching, numbness, electrical, pins and needles, and crawling. All mentioned symptoms may also appear in case of cellulitis in lower leg condition.  Symptoms can worsen by relaxation, especially when one is sitting or lying down.  Moreover, symptoms of RLS can cause sleeping difficulties. Read more…

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What are the Advantages of Breastfeeding

ID-10086121We all know breast milk is the best food for the baby and it is a proven scientific fact. Other milks like cow’s milk, formula milk or any other milk are not as good as breast milk for the baby. Breast milk provides all the required essential nutrition (including the very essential calories for growth, vitamins, minerals and all the basic nutrients like fats, proteins and carbohydrates) in adequate quantity. Along with provision of all the nutrients required for the optimal growth and development of the baby, breast milk also provide maximum emotional satisfaction to the mother and the suckling baby and create an emotional bond which can be done only by breast feeding.

Advantages of breast feeding for the baby:

  • Breast milk provides all the nutrients like proteins (most important for growth and development), fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals (including trace elements) for the growth and development of the baby. Breast milk lacks only in iron content (like any other milk).
  • Babies can digest breast milk better than other milk, including formula milk. Breast milk is well digested even by the premature infants.
  • Breast milk can help to protect the baby from various diseases like diarrhea (no need of sterilization as required if baby is fed with formula milk, cow’s milk etc.), allergy and certain other infectious diseases. Read more…

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All You Need to Know About a Popular New Type of Healthcare

4.1.1Many people have argued and said that health care in the United States is broken. Whether you agree or disagree with that statement, it’s clear that there are improvements that can be made. Whether or not those improvements will be made is the question. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that can’t simply wait around for those improvements to happen.


For those that can’t wait around for the broken aspects of health care to become fixed, there is an option that’s gaining in popularity and becoming an alternative to the traditional health care model. This alternative is often referred to as direct primary care, and if you aren’t familiar with what it is, this article will help explain it.


Understanding the Basics

Direct primary care, often referred to as concierge health care, works very differently than traditional health care does. In the concierge health care model, doctors are able to take on a very limited number of patients, so health care becomes more personal. Instead of having to wait in a waiting room for 45 minutes to see your doctor for 5 minutes, you won’t wait at all and you’ll have enough time with your doctor to go over everything you want to. Read more…

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Important Techniques of Breast Feeding

ID-10098815Ideally breast feeding should be started as soon as possible after delivery and it is good to start breast feeding within one hour after delivery. Sometimes there may be some problem in breast feeding at the beginning as the baby may not be able to suckle properly or the mother may not be able to nurse properly or there may be insufficient milk production.

The first milk known as colostrum is yellowish in color and thick which is packed with all the nutrients needed by the infant and also has substances that protect the infant from infections by fighting them. The colostrum is very essential for the baby. After the expression of colostrum the flow of milk in mother’s breast increases for few days and enough milk is produced for the baby’s requirement. If the mother is relaxed, the milk production normalizes within few days after delivery.

The mother should touch the center of the check of the baby or the center of the lips with the nipple which stimulates the baby to open mouth, which is known as “rooting reflex”. This is called so (rooting reflex) because this makes the baby to identify the nipple of the mother. When the baby suckles the nipple along with areola (dark brown skin which surrounds the nipples) should be inside the mouth of the baby. The lips and gums of the baby should be around the areola while suckling. Read more…

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Manage Your Stress, Manage Your Health

ID-100110884Although it has taken mainstream medicine decades of research to finally acknowledge it, stress truly has the potential to kill. The human body was designed to respond to life-threatening situations with a flight-or-fight response that would ensure survival. Nowadays, few of us face truly life-or-death situations on a daily basis. Instead, our jobs, our families, our friends and even strangers cause us stress. Because our bodies our simply weren’t made to experience stress on a continual basis, the tension and anxiety that stress produces takes a toll on our bodies.


The Short-Term Response to Stress

Many of the body’s responses to stress occur during the stress-provoking situation. You may notice tightness in your jaw, become sick to your stomach, sense your heart racing or feel out of breath. You may also experience other physical symptoms during periods of stress, including fatigue, changes in appetite, headaches, difficulty sleeping and even dermatological problems like acne and dry skin.


The Effects of Chronic Stress

When the body undergoes periods of stress repeatedly, your immune system may begin to malfunction, leaving you more susceptible to contracting infections, colds and flu. The effect of stress on the cardiovascular system can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. Over the long-term, stress can also disrupt the natural hormonal balance in the human body, which increases the likelihood of becoming obese and developing certain types of chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes. The effects of stress upon the mind can also lead to mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression.


Walk It Off, Talk It Out

Fortunately, you can take steps to protect yourself from stress, particularly if you work immediately to reduce the impact of stressful situations as they happen. When faced with stress, one technique is to walk it off. If you’re at work, take a break and head outdoors for a stroll, or go to the gym if you have a stressful argument at home. It may not be possible to walk off every stressful situation. Sometimes, you’ll need to talk out a problem until you reach a resolution.


Let It Go

In instances where the problem cannot be solved through talking, resolve to let go of the stress. Take deep breaths and physically relax your body. Tell yourself that despite the unpleasant situation, you are safe and you are strong. Remind yourself that the stressful situation likely won’t matter in the future and that it’s okay to let it go. Positive self-talk and rhythmic breathing can go a long way to reducing stress.


Living a Stress-Free Life

While there is no way to avoid stress entirely, you can live a life where stress does not have permission to negatively impact your mind or your body. Work time into every day to do something that you enjoy, as having fun can greatly reduce the impact of stress. Eat healthy food, get regular exercise and ensure that you sleep enough hours each night.


Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. If you’re concerned about the health effects of stress, talk to your doctor in addition to utilizing coping strategies. Your physician can test you for any major medical conditions and provide support as you work to reduce the amount of stress in your daily life. It can take time to overcome the effects of stress, but the dramatic improvement that you’ll experience in your quality of life when you do is sure to be well worth the effort.


Lisa Richards is well aware of the benefits of eliminating stress from her life. She enjoys sharing her stress management tips and insights through blogging. Learn how stress reduction can help eliminate candida and other common health problems, visit the link.


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Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue: The Colored Contact Lens Craze

ID-100112451Many people love the idea of being able to change their eye color at will. Whether they want to change their eye color for a party or everyday use, the effect is easy to achieve at relatively affordable prices. Yet, what exactly do you need to know before you decide to suddenly change your eye color in light of the colored contact lens craze?


Contact Lens Materials

Contact lenses are made from various materials and form different shapes in order to address and correct vision problems. However, even if you only want to change your eye color, you will still need to take into account the lens materials used to ensure that you are comfortable. The most common lens types include:

  • Soft lenses that are made from hydrogels (water-containing and gel-like plastics). They are designed to transmit oxygen to the eye, and are the most popular lenses.
  • Hard lenses that are made from PMMA (a rigid plastic material), but are rarely used anymore because they do not transmit oxygen to the eye.
  • GP lenses (also known as RGP or “oxygen permeable” lenses) that are designed to treat presbyopia and astigmatism with the use of waterless, rigid plastics.
  • Hybrid lenses that consist of soft and GP lens material in order to create a comfortable wearing experience. Read more…

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Four Common Problems During Breast Feeding

ID-100172969Many problems may arise while breast feeding. Some of the problems that arise during breast feeding are technical (due to faulty technique of breast feeding, which may be due to some customs, traditions and taboos) and some of the problems are due to medical reasons. The common medical problems that may arise during breast feeding are mastitis (which is inflammation of the breast tissue), cracked nipples, inverted nipples or general health conditions like fever.

  1. Mastitis: It is inflammation of breast tissue, which is generally due to infection and is characterized by swelling, redness and pain in the breast. This should be treated with appropriate antibiotics. General physician should be consulted for treatment.
  2. Cracked nipples: This may arise due to improper and faulty techniques of breastfeeding, which causes soreness of nipples. The treatment of soreness of nipples due to cracking of nipples is keeping the nipples dry and warm, and regular washing with plain water. Nipples should not be washed with soap. Only medical grade and high quality lanolin should be used for drying and covering the nipples and other than human (self) milk nothing should touch the nipples. Instead of doing good the use of creams and lotions may actually harm and make the problem worse. Read more…
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