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Why Health is a Global Problem?


Health in perspective of global scenario or “global health” is not a discipline in itself, but it is a collection of problems (health related problems as well as economic, technical, administrative and other non health related problems). A single review of global health can only find out and lay out the major problems that by the global community and chalk out the application of modern medicine in settings of great poverty or across national boundaries.

There are many international bodies, which are engaged in tackling of major global health issues like AIDS/HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, influenza, major communicable diseases etc. to name a few. Some of the major international bodies engaged in global health problem are WHO (World Health Organization), UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) and many more. These international organizations are trying to solve some basic issues in health care. But unfortunately health may be a subject of health care professionals and health care administrators; the issue of health is also an issue of social justice and social and community development. Without social justice and comprehensive social development (economic development, educational development, social development etc.) the global health problems can not be addressed successfully. Finally the issue of health, including global health is a political issue and without political will the issue of health and health related problems can not be solved or curved. Read more…

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Innovative Pacemaker & Defibrillator Leads To Strengthening Of Heart Muscles

ID-10083955Over time, the essential understanding of molecular biology behind cardiovascular diseases (CVD) has improved. This is because the gene-protein interaction has allowed better prognostic models to prevail.

The quality of defibrillators has improved in recent times, translating in improved cardiac care and survival rate. One such successful model has been researched at the National Institute of Health. The work has been done by an umbrella organization, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. They have developed an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD).

The ICD has provided a good preventable model that allows the detector to send electrical pulses in case of a life threatening arrhythmias (irregular beat).

Also, patients with CVD have different daily routines, and may not be in a convenient location when help is needed. “Sudden cardiac arrest can happen without warning, and with no symptoms of heart disease,” says Philips Healthcare, underscoring why AED brands defibrillators are the appropriate response to an emergency. Fortunately, more and more patients are taking this threat seriously and investing in equipment that could very well keep them alive.  Read more…

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Four Common Problems During Breast Feeding

ID-100172969Many problems may arise while breast feeding. Some of the problems that arise during breast feeding are technical (due to faulty technique of breast feeding, which may be due to some customs, traditions and taboos) and some of the problems are due to medical reasons. The common medical problems that may arise during breast feeding are mastitis (which is inflammation of the breast tissue), cracked nipples, inverted nipples or general health conditions like fever.

  1. Mastitis: It is inflammation of breast tissue, which is generally due to infection and is characterized by swelling, redness and pain in the breast. This should be treated with appropriate antibiotics. General physician should be consulted for treatment.
  2. Cracked nipples: This may arise due to improper and faulty techniques of breastfeeding, which causes soreness of nipples. The treatment of soreness of nipples due to cracking of nipples is keeping the nipples dry and warm, and regular washing with plain water. Nipples should not be washed with soap. Only medical grade and high quality lanolin should be used for drying and covering the nipples and other than human (self) milk nothing should touch the nipples. Instead of doing good the use of creams and lotions may actually harm and make the problem worse. Read more…

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Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction being an international problem which does not spare any nation should be adequately addressed and treated. For a successful drug addiction treatment the best approach is a holistic approach, which covers not only the medical and psychological aspects of the drug addict, but also covers the emotional and spiritual needs of the addict. For successful drug treatment or drug addiction treatment the role of psychiatrist is the most important as well as psychological counseling.  

The drug treatment of the addicts is not an easy task, as the addicts are usually not interested in getting good treatment and lead a drug free life. Many addicts can not even imagine a drug free life and to treat these drug addicts it is a gigantic task, which need coordinated approach of professional doctors, other technical staffs, supporting staffs, family members (of the addict) and friends of the drug addicts. The govt. help in addressing the social evil of drug addiction is very important. The help of former drug addicts is also very important to motivate the addicts and should be sought. Drug addiction is basically a social problem but the first step of management of the problem of drug addiction, is a medical management.

The drug addiction treatment is not complete without the drug rehabilitation. For drug rehabilitation, after successful drug treatment the govt., social workers play the most important role. Without good drug rehabilitation the rate of relapse of drug addiction (after successful treatment of drug addiction) may be very high. To reduce the relapse rate of drug addiction social activists and the govt. should play a major role with cooperation from the drug treatment centers.

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Drug Rehab in Drug Rehab Centers

Addiction is a serious social problem, especially drug addiction and alcohol addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction is a global problem and all the countries are affected by these social evil, though they affect may vary country to country. Drug addition and alcohol addiction, to a large extent are dependent on the availability of drug and alcohol locally.

There are many drug rehab centers in almost all the countries which are affected by the social evil of drug addiction, especially in the United States. But many of these drug rehab centers may be lacking some important aspect of drug de-addiction like a personalized drug de-addiction program designed for the individual drug addict by highly experienced professionals with a proven track record of helping people beat their addictions. A drug rehab center should ideally have personalized drug rehab program to successfully treat the drug addicts. Drug rehab centers with personalized drug de-addiction program are better for drug de-addiction and they have better track record of successful de-addiction.

There are many advantages of personalized drug rehab program, e.g. provision of individual attention (which makes a big difference in treatment of drug addiction), maintaining of privacy for the drug addict and individual follow up after successful treatment to name a few. A good drug rehab center also provides many more facilities like location of the drug rehab center is generally in a picturesque area (overlook mountain or ocean etc.), qualified general support staff, professional technical staff, follow up facility, also facilities of massage, acupuncture etc.

Before selecting a drug rehab center you enquire about the facilities they provide and also the above mentioned services are available or not.       

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