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Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue: The Colored Contact Lens Craze

ID-100112451Many people love the idea of being able to change their eye color at will. Whether they want to change their eye color for a party or everyday use, the effect is easy to achieve at relatively affordable prices. Yet, what exactly do you need to know before you decide to suddenly change your eye color in light of the colored contact lens craze?


Contact Lens Materials

Contact lenses are made from various materials and form different shapes in order to address and correct vision problems. However, even if you only want to change your eye color, you will still need to take into account the lens materials used to ensure that you are comfortable. The most common lens types include:

  • Soft lenses that are made from hydrogels (water-containing and gel-like plastics). They are designed to transmit oxygen to the eye, and are the most popular lenses.
  • Hard lenses that are made from PMMA (a rigid plastic material), but are rarely used anymore because they do not transmit oxygen to the eye.
  • GP lenses (also known as RGP or “oxygen permeable” lenses) that are designed to treat presbyopia and astigmatism with the use of waterless, rigid plastics.
  • Hybrid lenses that consist of soft and GP lens material in order to create a comfortable wearing experience. Read more…

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Treatment of Dark Circles Around Eye

Skin care is an important branch of medicine and it is an emerging branch. Due to peoples awareness on cosmetics and skin care the branch is growing very fast. Many skinproducts are available for treatment of skin problems. Skin products are mainly of herbal in nature and aloe vera is one of the main ingredients. Aloe vera based skin care products are very much essential in maintaining healthy skin. For healthy and glowing skin there are many skin care products like anti wrinkle cream, creams for removing dark circles around eyes, moisturizers, puffy eye creams, vitamin C renewal cream, stretch marks, skin rashes, eczema, spider veins creams, etc. to name a few.

Among the skin care products cream for removing dark circles under eyes is worth mentioning. The dark circles under eyes are due to discoloration of the skin (mainly to dark or pink color discoloration) in that area which is very richly supplied by blood vessels. The cream for removing the dark circles under eyes is based on natural ingredients and is devoid of substances/chemicals (mineral oil) that can clog the pores of the skin around the eyes. Mineral oil based products can make the problem worse by blocking the pores of the skin and making it a rich medium for growth of harmful bacteria. The ingredients of natural based creams for removal of dark circles under eyes can increase blood flow in that area and reduce pooling of blood in the area around the skin of the eyes.

Almost all the skin care products takes some time (about a month) to act and another month to get maximum result, that is why many products are available as one moth pack and another month’s pack is provided free of cost.      

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Important Techniques of Breast Feeding

ID-10098815Ideally breast feeding should be started as soon as possible after delivery and it is good to start breast feeding within one hour after delivery. Sometimes there may be some problem in breast feeding at the beginning as the baby may not be able to suckle properly or the mother may not be able to nurse properly or there may be insufficient milk production.

The first milk known as colostrum is yellowish in color and thick which is packed with all the nutrients needed by the infant and also has substances that protect the infant from infections by fighting them. The colostrum is very essential for the baby. After the expression of colostrum the flow of milk in mother’s breast increases for few days and enough milk is produced for the baby’s requirement. If the mother is relaxed, the milk production normalizes within few days after delivery.

The mother should touch the center of the check of the baby or the center of the lips with the nipple which stimulates the baby to open mouth, which is known as “rooting reflex”. This is called so (rooting reflex) because this makes the baby to identify the nipple of the mother. When the baby suckles the nipple along with areola (dark brown skin which surrounds the nipples) should be inside the mouth of the baby. The lips and gums of the baby should be around the areola while suckling. Read more…

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Different Sources of Vitamin D

Vitamin D, in strict sense is not a vitamin (as per definition of vitamins are not synthesized in the body and must be supplied in the diet or supplements, but vitamin D can be synthesized in the body) and unique because it is derived both from dietary sources and sunlight.ID-10025831

  • Sunlight: Vitamin D is synthesized in the human body by the action of UV rays (ultra violet) on 7-dehydrocholesterol. The skin is store of large quantity of 7-dehydrocholesterol. Exposure to good quality of sunlight is very important as air pollution can filter large percentage of UV rays. Skin color if it is dark can be disadvantageous in this regard and black skin can filter up to 95 % of UV ray and hamper the formation of vitamin D from 7-dehydrocholesterol in the skin. So theoretically blacks of Africa and America can be at disadvantageous (there is advantage of black skin that black skin people rarely get skin cancer as their skin filters 95% of the harmful UV rays which are responsible for skin cancer) position as far as production of vitamin D in skin is concerned.
  • Food Sources of Vitamin D: Vitamin D is found only in the foods of animal origin. Liver, egg yolk, butter, cheese etc. are rich source of dietary vitamin D. fish liver oil is the richest source (though not consumed as food) of vitamin D. Foods that are artificially fortified with vitamin like milk, infant foods, cooking oils, ghee etc. are also rich source of vitamin D. Recently it has been found that human milk contain water soluble form of vitamin D (vitamin D sulfate) in good quantity. Read more…

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Uses of Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs are used by almost all the medical professionals, in other words by all whosoever needs to interact with patients and not only by doctors and nurses. There are several uses of medical scrubs.

Medical scrubs are most commonly used to prevent the dress from soiling while handling patients or handling the samples of patients such as blood, urine, sputum etc. Wearing of medical scrub while working by medical professionals can be of great help by preventing soiling of the dress and also by preventing the medical professional from coming in contact with blood, urine, sputum etc. of patients. Use of medical scrubs can also help in preventing of minimizing the spread of infection from one patient to another as well as from patients to medical professional.

Medical scrubs are also used by many hospitals to identify members of various departments, by providing them with different colors. For example, in many hospitals pink or lavender apparels (medical scrubs) are given to the working in the labor and delivery department, light blue outfits are given to surgery, and dark green or blue for those in the emergency room. Medical scrubs can also contain logo of the particular hospital which helps in identification.

The medical scrubs used by the surgeons in operation rooms are of green color, because of the bright light in the operation rooms and green color is the most pleasant to the eyes, which can reduce the eye fatigue for the surgeon and thereby reduce the fatigue in general.

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