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Children Wearing Lab Coats

ID-10036453You’ve probably seen adults wearing lab coats while they are working in a hospital or doctor’s office. Some wear them while they are in a lab or while teaching a chemistry or biology course in school. Children can also wear lab coats, but they often have fun designs on them, such as cartoon characters or animals. They cover most of the body to protect the clothing and the skin. Some children might wear kids lab coats for Halloween so that they can look like a doctor or nurse while others might wear one to school to give an example of what a parent does for a job.

One of the main reasons to wear a lab coat is protection. While children might not be using chemicals or items that are dangerous, they might want to protect their clothing when they are painting or helping cook in the kitchen. The coat will keep liquids from staining the clothes and make them feel like they are professional instead of simply playing or doing a chore for parents.

There are times when children might need to stay in the hospital because they are sick or they have had surgery. A lab coat can help prevent the spread of germs that could make children sicker. Adding a mask can further decrease the spread of germs that are sometimes found in hospitals and doctor’s offices. The coat can also be used if the child is visiting a friend or family member in the hospital, protecting against taking home germs and bacteria if the coat is thrown away before going home as some are disposable.

Older children might take classes in school that deal with some liquids that could damage the skin or clothing. A lab coat, goggles, gloves and a mask can help prevent these liquids from splashing on the skin or the clothing. Most lab coats are now made with materials, such as cotton, that won’t melt if they are on fire. This will help protect the child if they are in that kind of situation as some clothing will melt to the skin.


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5 Benefits of Physical Activity for Kids

Physical activity is one of the most important things that kids can do. There are many benefits of having daily physical activity. Getting your kids outside has a lot of benefits as well. Not only will it help you get some time to yourself, but it will also help the kids concentrate their energy on something important. There are so many kids today who spent little time with physical activity or outside. Here are several of the different benefits of physical activity for kids over the long term.



Mental Cognition


One of the most well-known benefits of making kids get physical activity is better mental cognition in school. Many children have difficulty paying attention or sitting still in school because they do not spend a lot of their day moving around. Getting some daily exercise can really help the mental clarity of a child, and over the long term this can really increase their abilities in school.


Aerobic Development


There are many children who lack aerobic development because they are not getting enough exercise. As a general rule, the amount of aerobic capacity a person has generally goes down as they ago. This is why it is so important for children to build a strong aerobic capacity while they are still young. In the long run, this can really help them physically as they age.


Emotional Well-Being


Another great aspect of your kids getting physical activity is that it enhances their emotional well-being. Depending on the age of your children, they may go through various stages of their emotional well-being. There are a lot of people who are interested in enhancing this aspect of their child. Not only will it help with parenting, but this will also help with the overall development of the child over the long term.


Obesity Prevention


One of the biggest risk factors for children’s health today is obesity. There are many studies that show obesity rates have increased dramatically over the past couple of years. Over the long term, regular exercise has a huge positive effect on a person’s weight. Although it is not good for children to worry about their weight, it is important to keep an eye on how much activity your child is getting on a daily and weekly basis. This will only help to enhance their physical fitness levels over the long term.


Better Behavior


Getting kids outside enhances their behavior over a long period of time. Many children spend all of their time inside and playing on electronic devices. Although there are some advantages to technology, there are also a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to children behaving better by playing outside. At the end of the day, getting children more physical activity has a variety of different benefits that have been explored. If you are a parent with children, make the extra effort to get them additional exercise in their life.


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Top Unhealthy Jobs and How to Counter Them

ID-10042925Unless you’re a fitness coach or park ranger, you might not consider your job to be a healthy one. However, certain jobs are worse for your health than others. Fortunately, you aren’t living at your workplace, so it is possible to counteract the unhealthy side of earning money.

The Worst Jobs for Your Health

When it comes to the unhealthiest jobs, stressful positions rank pretty high. High stress jobs can wreak havoc on your health. Lawyers are some of the most stressed people around, but they aren’t the only ones. Soldiers also fall into this category, with extremely stressful jobs that can result in post traumatic stress syndrome, among many other problems.

If you work as a police officer or firefighter, you are at higher risk for having a heart attack. While most people realize that these public servants are more likely to be injured or killed on the job, the long hours, poor nutrition and lack of sleep also contributes to poor health.

Shift workers in hospitals face many of the same issues as police and firefighters. In addition to very long shifts, nurses and ER doctors find themselves working in stressful conditions consistently. They rarely have time to eat a proper meal and poor eating habits can cause long term health problems.

Office workers also tend to be unhealthy as a whole. Sitting in front of a computer screen all day puts you at risk for eye strain, repetitive stress syndrome and back pain. Working at a desk can also lead to obesity, which brings a host of other problems with it. Read more…

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Become a Pain Detective: Find Out What Triggers Your Aches

ID-100148433Whether you find yourself with aching shoulders or cramped leg muscles by the end of the day, aches and pains can be caused by a variety of factors. Many of these triggers are things you might not even think about such as texting a lot, wearing the wrong shoes, or a sudden weather change. If you can figure out what’s causing your pain, it’s much easier to solve your body woes.

If you want to alleviate or avoid pain, it’s smart to become a pain detective and figure out what might be triggering this unexpected ache. Here are some pain factors you might not have thought about when complaining about your latest ache, and several ways you can alleviate your pain.

Wearing flip-flops can cause leg pain.
If you tend to trot around the city in flip-flops during the summer months, you can experience foot, ankle, and knee pain. The lack of arch support in foam-soled or thin flip-flops leads to a chain reaction of problems in your legs that can make you ache. To avoid this pain, if you know you’ll be walking a lot, wear sneakers with ankle socks to help keep cool. Read more…

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