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What Should You Know About Vaser Liposuction?

Most people think that all liposuction techniques are the same but this is definitely incorrect. In fact, there are various liposuction forms that can now be used by people looking to get rid of large volumes of unwanted fat. Vaser Liposuction is formally known as VASER LipoSelection. It is a liposuction that utilizes ultrasonic energy to assist surgeons as they remove body fat in a selective manner.

According to the best Vaser liposuction in San Diego, ultrasonic liposuction is much older than what many believe. It was initially used in the early nineties but plastic surgeons decided not to use it after some time because of some increased complications and complications. They appeared as a lot of ultrasonic energy was utilized. Vaser is practically the third generation ultrasound option that was created so that most of the problems are removed. This is possible through the use of low ultrasound levels.

In Vaser liposuction ultrasonic energy is pulsating so fat cells are gently broken without causing too much collateral damage. Many think that Vaser is a laser but it is not. Ultrasonic energy is basically transformed right into vibration energy that is then transmitted directly to fat cells through the use of small probes. The probes are 2 or 3 mm. Fat cells will be shaken apart. Then they are mixed with fluid added by surgeons on operation onset. Small cannulas can after be utilized to remove the fat and water mixture.

The question that most people ask is whether Vaser is simply a marketing gimmick or something that is highly useful for patients. What many do not understand is that it is very important to choose the services of a very good surgeon. The device itself is not the real breakthrough technology. If you choose surgeons that have talent, skills, wisdom and a lot of experience with using Vaser, the procedure is going to be successful. The aesthetic surgeon needs to take into account the individual needs of the patient and then make suitable choices. In various situations, the use of Vaser liposuction is actually a really good idea.

When talking to surgeons that have a lot of experience with different liposuction techniques, Vaser is something that stands out as a good solution. Surgeons are happy with the results that are gained in most anatomical areas. This does include inner thighs, outer thighs, posterior trunk, face, neck, arms and the abdomen.

If we are to compare Vaser liposuctions with other techniques, especially with standard liposuction, the huge advantage is that skin tightening and skin contraction are increased. Also, patients do have to deal with lower downtime and pain after the operation. Cannulas and probes are much smaller so there is smoother body contour and skin surface that become reality.

On the whole, Vaser liposuctions are something that can be considered in various different situations. This is a procedure that does have clear advantages over other liposuction techniques but it is still important to find a surgeon that is highly experienced and take into account the personal needs of patients.


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How to Prevent Niacin Deficiency?

ID-100167598Niacin deficiency in diet cause pellagra and it is a serious disease. Pellagra is a preventable serious disease and prevention of pellagra and other niacin deficiency disorders is not difficult at all.

What is the daily requirement of niacin? 

The daily requirement of niacin (RDA or Recommended Daily Allowance of niacin) is approximately 6.6 mgs per 1000 kcal of energy intake e.g. if a person is consuming 3,000 kcal of energy per day he/she will require 19.8 mgs of niacin per day. For adults the normal requirement is generally 15-20 mgs per day. During pregnancy additional 2 mgs per day is required and during lactation (breast feeding) and additional 3 mgs per day is required. For infants the daily requirement is approximately 650-700 mcg per kilo of body weight.

The main aspect of prevention of niacin deficiency and pellagra is to educate the vulnerable population about the seriousness of the disease and also to make them understand that pellagra is easily preventable. The only thing required to prevent pellagra is to bring some variation in the food we eat and addition of milk and any food of animal origin is enough to prevent niacin deficiency and pellagra which is universally accepted as the way of prevention of pellagra. As niacin deficiency and pellagra is generally seen only in maize eating population addition of another cereal with maize in the staple diet can also prevent the disease to some extent. Read more…

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Some Facts about Teeth Whitening

ID-10055131White and glistening teeth are desired by every men and women. Teeth whitening can be also sometimes called (although incorrectly) bleaching of teeth and it is part of cosmetic dentistry, which has become very popular, especially among young generation. You can get teeth whitening solutions at your nearest drug stores (to be used by yourself) or you can get the entire procedure done at your dentist’s clinic.

Many people have used teeth whitening but very few of the general population as well as the users of teeth whitening have adequate knowledge about teeth whitening. Due to lack of adequate knowledge about teeth whitening the misinformation is very much present among people (users as well as non users of teeth whitening). The most common misinformation people have is about the duration a single use of whitening solution or procedure at your dentist’s clinic can give. The fact is you need to use teeth whitening regularly to get a long lasting of permanent white and glistening teeth.

According to USFDA the term “bleaching” of teeth is whitening teeth beyond their natural white color and whitening is to restore natural white color of teeth if they are stained or discolored. But practically almost all the whitening solutions contain bleaching chemicals like hydrogen peroxide. Strictly speaking these whitening solutions containing beaching chemical should be called bleach (according to the USFDA definition), but they are called whitening solutions (most likely, whitening sound better than bleach).

Different individuals use whitening solutions for different purpose. Some use teeth whitening to remove stains and some individuals use teeth whitening to restore natural color and add some glaze in teeth.


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Treatment of Folliculitis

Folliculitis is infection and inflammation of hair follicles. Hair follicles are present all over the body except palms and soles. So practically Folliculitis can occur anywhere in the body except palms and soles. Hair follicles are portals of large number of bacteria.

Causative organisms of Folliculitis:

The commonest organism of Folliculitis is Staphylococcus aureus and it usually causes localized folliculitis. Other causative organisms are Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Propionibacterium acnes (causative organism of acne or pimples), Schistosoma species etc.

Diffuse folliculitis can occur in two settings, “hot-tub” folliculitis and “swimmer’s itch”. Hot-tub folliculitis occurs when waters is insufficiently chlorinated and maintained at temperatures of 37–40°C and the infection is generally self limiting (although bacteremia and shock may occur rarely). The causative agent in hot-tub folliculitis is Pseudomonas aeruginosa.Swimmer’s itch occurs when a skin surface is exposed to water infested with freshwater avian schistosomes (Schistosoma species). Free-swimming schistosomes can readily penetrate human hair follicles but quickly die and elicit a brisk allergic reaction which cause intense itching and erythema.

Sebaceous glands empty into hair follicles and ducts and if they are blocked they form sebaceous cysts, which may resemble staphylococcal abscesses. Chronic folliculitis is uncommon except in acne vulgaris (a form of folliculitis), which is generally caused by normal flora Propionibacterium acnes.

Treatment of folliculitis:

If the organisms are sensitive to beta-lactum antibiotics, they should be used first. Examples of beta-lactum antibiotics are penicillins (older and newer synthetic penicillin like amoxycillin), cephalosporins (like Cefazolin) etc. If the organisms are not sensitive to beta-lactum antibiotics, vancomycin (1 gm intravenously every 12 hourly) or linezolid (600 mg intravenously every 12 hourly) should be used. Sometimes tetracycline and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole can also be used.     

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Rowing Machines for Exercise

Rowing machines are used commonly for exercise by many professional athletes as well as health and fitness conscious people. Working (or exercising) in rowing machine is an excellent exercise and it is very much beneficial to the general health and well being of the body as it provides a total workout for the body. The stamina rowing machines are designed to track speed and distance covered, total calories burned during exercise, total time spent for doing exercise and many more. All these facilities in the stamina rowing machines can be used for motivating the user of these machines to keep doing exercise and it can be used to target the goal of your fitness to be achieved.

Motivation for exercise is very important for continuation, as it is seen that it is easier to start doing exercise, but it is not possible to keep it going for large number of people due to lack of proper motivation. The aerobic exercise is best for keeping the body fit and healthy, but due to lack of motivation very few people can keep doing aerobic exercise. The advantage of aerobic exercise is not only for general health and well being but it has advantage of almost no financial cost as aerobic exercise does not need practically any equipment. But due to lack of motivation it is not done by maximum people.

Rowing machine is designed for comfort so that the training session can be continued for a prolonged period of time. The comfort of exercise can make it easy for a workout and it can be done even if your home does not have enough space, as it is so designed that it can be placed in a very small space.

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Acai Berry Select

Acai berry is found naturally in the flood plains, rain forests and swamps in the Amazon River basin of Brazil. There are many acai berry products available in the market and they are mostly used as food supplement for weight loss and also for making up the energy requirement in the body. Acai berry select is one of the most popular acai berry product available in the market these days. Acai berry select is made from natural acai berry and is very safe for the consumption of general public as there are practically no side effects seen with these products. 

Acai berry select is one of the most amazing and weight loss products available in the market. Acai berry select can not only reduce your weight to normal, it can also keep you energized and refreshed throughout the day. Acai berry select can reduce your body weight as much as 20 kilos in a month. In the busy life of present days, nobody wants to start their day with a tired feeling and also nobody wants to get tire during working hours as well as after the working hours. Every body wants to feel refreshed and full of energy and vitality. If you want these health benefits for yourself you should go for acai berry select and take it regularly for maintaining your health and well being.

Acai berry select and also other products of acai berry can boost your metabolism and flush out the toxins and other wastes from your body. And it also does not make you feel tired (that is why acai berry select can be used as energy booster). Acai berry products like acai berry select has now become number one superfood in many countries including America.     


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