Acai Berry: a Review

Acai berry is one of the best food discoveries of modern time. The acai berry is rightly called super-food as it contains antioxidants and other essential nutrients in large concentrations. Acai berry has the highest concentration of antioxidants (mainly anthocyanins) in nature. No other food or food supplement can rival acai berry in terms of antioxidant properties.

Antioxidants are chemicals which readily take up free electrons that roam around. These free electrons are called free radicals (any chemical with a spare electron to donate to any chemical can also be called a free radical). These free electrons are like vagabonds in society (who can harm society any time) and can cause harm to our body anytime. These free radicals are blamed as the main cause of cancer in humans. These free electrons can damage the DNA of a cell and can cause mutation in it and thereby causing cancer. Antioxidants are the chemical substances which can readily take up free electrons that are present in our body system and also can accept the free electrons that may be given by certain chemicals with a spare electron for donation.

There are many websites and blogs in the internet which are dedicated to the good qualities of acai berry and many have given excellent acai berry reviews. While reading an acai berry reviews one should ideally look for neutral reviews, which are giving the merits as well as demerits of acai berry in their reviews. There are some negative things about acai berry and one of the commonest is its claim of doing more than it actually can. The claims of acai berry as an excellent food supplement for weight reduction may not be correct if the instructions re not followed properly.        


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