Positive Thinking and Health

ID-10097419Healthy mind is essential for healthy life and in modern scientific perspective there can be no good health state without good (peace) thinking. Positive thinking affects health positively and negative thinking can have effect health negatively and adversely. Health as defined by WHO (World Health Organization) is a state of physical and mental well-being and not merely absence of disease. The definition of health by WHO explain, why positive thinking mind is essential for a good healthy life. Many experts are advocating adding the term “spiritual well being” in the WHO definition of health, as it is seen that if you are spiritually healthy, you are healthier physically, but many experts are there who do not agree to this addition.

Let me explain about positive thinking in my own ways. One day you find food prepared at your home is not palatable or not to your linking (you dislike that particular food prepared). If you have positive thinking mind you will “diet” that day and not be unhappy that you can loose few calories without planning it, but if you have a negative thinking you will get annoyed and make an issue of it and disturb peace of family and home. Now you should think if peace of family members is absent can you or your family members be healthy? Think the other way; the person who lost some calories, he/she will be happy to lose a few calories (skipping one meal does not a lean person leaner or thinner) and healthy as a result. Read more…

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Top Unhealthy Jobs and How to Counter Them

ID-10042925Unless you’re a fitness coach or park ranger, you might not consider your job to be a healthy one. However, certain jobs are worse for your health than others. Fortunately, you aren’t living at your workplace, so it is possible to counteract the unhealthy side of earning money.

The Worst Jobs for Your Health

When it comes to the unhealthiest jobs, stressful positions rank pretty high. High stress jobs can wreak havoc on your health. Lawyers are some of the most stressed people around, but they aren’t the only ones. Soldiers also fall into this category, with extremely stressful jobs that can result in post traumatic stress syndrome, among many other problems.

If you work as a police officer or firefighter, you are at higher risk for having a heart attack. While most people realize that these public servants are more likely to be injured or killed on the job, the long hours, poor nutrition and lack of sleep also contributes to poor health.

Shift workers in hospitals face many of the same issues as police and firefighters. In addition to very long shifts, nurses and ER doctors find themselves working in stressful conditions consistently. They rarely have time to eat a proper meal and poor eating habits can cause long term health problems.

Office workers also tend to be unhealthy as a whole. Sitting in front of a computer screen all day puts you at risk for eye strain, repetitive stress syndrome and back pain. Working at a desk can also lead to obesity, which brings a host of other problems with it. Read more…

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Walking is Best for Health

ID-10033908Let’s discuss about some of the unconventional and conventional but not commonly practiced health tips are dealt to remain fit and healthy and enjoy the fruits of good life. Many people are aware of many of the tips here, but if you are reading this article you should give a thought and ponder about the applicability of the health tips discussed here and I assure you that there will be dramatic change in your health as well as the way you look into life as a whole.

Brisk walking is the best exercise to remain fit. You may think running is better, but my opinion is walking as you can continue it lifelong (running you can not continue when you grow old). It can be easily said that running can keep you fit but so can walking of about 30 minutes to one hour a day. Moreover you can keep walking for longer duration. For example drug “A” is better than drub “B” for treatment of a particular disease, but with drug “A”, compliance is not good and with drug “B”, compliance is good. So here drug “B” should be prescribed by the doctor in general (drug “A” can be prescribed to a patient who is highly motivated and will take it despite difficulties). In this case also if a person is highly motivated for regular exercise than he/she should choose running instead of walking to remain fit. Read more…

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Learn Electrocardiography from a Reputed Healthcare Training Institute

ID-100162272Electrocardiography (commonly known in abbreviated form ECG) is an important diagnostic tool (it is also an important tool for monitoring as well as for knowing prognosis of various heart problems such as heart attack or myocardial infarction or MI) in cardiac healthcare.  Electrocardiography is measurement or recording of transthoracic electrical activity of heart and its interpretation for a period of time. The recording or measurement of electrical activity is detected by electrodes (known as ‘leads’), which are placed over the skin at various points across the chest. The electrode/leads are attached to a machine and this procedure is a non-invasive technique.

What are the interpretations that can be done using ECG?

Electrocardiography can measure heart rate, regularity or health rate or rhythm of heart, size of heart, position of different chambers of heart, presence of any damage in heart as a result of heart attack. ECG can also detect presence of artificial devices such as a pacemaker. EGC is also useful in recording the effect of any drug/medication on heart. Read more…

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Medical Call Centers For Better Healthcare

ID-10086778It is information age at present. Many people believe that information age started after collapse of Berlin Wall in 1989. In today’s information age there is a saying, “if you have information, you are successful”. Without using technologies and techniques of information age it is difficult to be successful in present era, may it be a healthcare industry or health care service. If any healthcare service provider (May it be a hospital, clinic or any other healthcare facility) do not use information sharing and information age techniques, it is difficult to succeed. It is highly important to have medical call center for every healthcare facility and every healthcare service provider.

Hospitals, clinics (may be small private clinic of a dentist of psychiatrist) and all health care facility should use service of a medical call center. If you own a hospital or clinic it may not be possible to maintain and run a medical call center on your own, than you can use service of medical call centers, who can provide the call center service you need and you can concentrate on providing better healthcare to your clients.  Read more…

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Get Personal Trainer Certificate and Become Personal Trainer

ID-100120608If you (or anyone) want to take up profession of personal training as a carrier, the first thing you need is a personal trainer certificate from a recognized personal training institute such as National Personal Training Institute. Qualified personal trainers have requisite personal training certification from an institute that offer personal training or fitness-training course.

What is the job/function of personal trainer?

A personal trainer is actually a fitness expert whose job is to provide fitness training to individuals (including athletes, individuals who want to remain fit and healthy) and prescribe fitness program for individuals. A personal trainer may prescribe specific fitness routine (program that can fit in routine activities of the individual) to an individual who may not attend to training sessions conducted by them. Such fitness programs must be individualized, because every individual have different activity and different expectation and limitations and a personal trainer must keep that in mind while prescribing a fitness regimen for a person. Job of a fitness trainer or personal trainer does not end in prescribing a fitness regimen for an individual, but he/she is actually an educator, who educates and trains their clients about importance of fitness and how to maintain fitness level and also health benefits of remaining fit. Read more…

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Hospital Laundry Service is Important Part of Patient Care

ID-1004564Clean cloths and clean environment (surrounding) is important for good (optimal) health of any person, and clean clothes are very important for patient care in any health care setup, such as hospitals. Proving clean and hygienic clothes is very important for patient care and speedy recovery of patients in any hospital. Every hospital should have provision for providing clean and hygienic clothing for every patient they admit for treatment. Without providing adequate supply of clean and hygienic clothing to a patient a hospital cannot provide optimal health care. It is therefore of utmost importance to supply clean and hygienic hospital linen to every indoor patient.

Every hospital has a system for providing clean and hygienic clothing to their indoor admitted patients. Some hospitals have their own hospital laundry service within the hospital under their own management and some hospitals outsource the hospital laundry service to some hospital laundry outsourcing agency.

In every hospital it is important to change hospital linen daily with clean and hygienic linen, which is usually done in the morning. Every patient should be provided with clean and hygienic bed cover, mattress cover, pillow covers, blankets and other linen accessories used by patients (e.g. towels). Read more…

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Few Important Facts about Accident Injury

ID-10045534We all know what an accident is. Accident can be defined as an unforeseen and unplanned event or situation which usually does not have an intention and it is also unnecessary. Accident usually mean a negative outcome for the sufferer and all efforts should be made to prevent accidents, especially the accidents that are preventable, such as car accidents (commonly known as road traffic accident or RTA), or accident associated with travel and other serious accidents such as fire accident or industrial accidents.

Many accidents lead to personal injury and where there is injury there is question of compensation and lawyers. In case of accidents which leads to personal injury and the responsible person is someone other than the sufferer or the injured person, compensation can be claimed and accident lawyers can help you out, in case you are a sufferer. Where ever you live, you can find lawyers who deals and expert in personal injury and personal injury compensation. Do not hesitate to consult personal injury or accident lawyers if you suffered from injury due to somebody’s fault. Read more…

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Medical Answering Service in Healthcare

ID-10053320In the current information age any type of business need to use information sharing system effectively to survive, sustain and develop, this is more so especially for service sector business such as health care service. Without help from call centers a health care setup cannot do well. Any health care setup (such as big or small hospitals, clinics, diagnostic laboratories etc.) need to use information sharing system such as call centers (healthcare call centers or medical answering service) for successful business i.e. providing health care service to their clients (patients).

All types of health care service providers need to use help/service from medical answering service providers in their advantage, may it be a large corporate hospital or a small clinic by a dentist or a psychiatrist. Even Government health care institutes use service from healthcare call centers (medical answering service) to reach out to their clients/patients for providing quality healthcare. That is why a private health care set up cannot do well without effectively using service from a good and reputed medical answering service. Read more…

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Medical Answering Services and Their Benefits

ID-10036890Call centers are outsourcing agencies, who work for other businesses by providing service these business need to develop and prosper in modern world. Call answer service companies provide vital help for any business including health care business establishments (such as hospitals, clinics, diagnostic laboratories, de-addiction centers, clinics by dentists etc.).

Call centers are helpful for most of the business these days, especially for the businesses which are involved in providing various service to public such as health care service. Without taking help from health care call centers, health care service providers may find it difficult to provide quality health care service or to grow their business. Most of the health care establishments do not have their own call centers or medical answering service facilities, but they hire (outsource) this function to call answer service companies or call centers, so that they can concentrate on providing quality health care service to patients at the lowest possible price. Read more…

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