Color Analyzer in Heath Care

ID-100132172Color analyzers have several uses in health care industry. There are various instruments (machines) that analyze color and provide useful information, which are of immense value in health care and patient care, such as help in diagnosis, monitoring and analysis of various medical disorders. There are various types of color analyzers used, such as colorimeter, spectrometer, gloss meter, color analyzer etc.

Color analyzers (such as colorimeters) are devices that measure the absorbance capacity of particular wavelength of light by a solution (such as urine, serum, CSF or cerebro-spinal fluid or any body fluid etc.). Color analyzers are most commonly used for determining the concentration of a solute in a given solution, in which color analyzers uses a law (Beer-Lambert law), which states that “concentration of a solute is proportionate to absorbance capacity”. This law is used for measuring concentration of various solutes in urine (such as bilirubin and other pigments, presence of a drug in urine etc.), serum (such as bilirubin, hemoglobin, urea, creatinine etc.).

Colorimeters use a reagent, which react with the analyte (the solute whose concentration is to be measured) and undergo measurable color change that can be measured by colorimeter using colorimetry technique.

Color analyzers have various uses in health care, such as diagnostic use (most common use of color analyzers), research purpose, for monitoring prognosis of patients etc. Most common use of colorimeter is for biochemical assays such as measuring enzyme, antibodies, hormones and other specific chemical concentration in blood. Some examples of colorimeter assays include:

  • ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbant Assays) for detecting presence of antigens
  • Measuring protein concentration in blood/serum
  • Detecting concentration enzymes such as serum alkaline phosphatase, which converts yellow color in presence of para-nitrophenylphosphate

There are several companies which manufacture and market various color analyzers such as Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. If you plan to buy a color analyzer to be used for biochemical analysis, it is important to buy from a reputed company, so that quality is not compromised and you can give best possible biochemical analysis results to your clients.


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