Contact Lens for Your Eyes

Contact lens is used for various purposes, such as correction of refractive error, cosmetic purpose (to change the look) and therapeutic use (known as therapeutic contact lenses). The most common cause of use of contact lens is for correcting refractive errors of the eye. It is estimated that more than 125 million individuals are using contact lenses at present and most common purpose is obviously the correction of refractive errors. Small percentage of contact lenses is used for cosmetic reason and even smaller percentage for therapeutic purpose, although use contact lens for cosmetic purpose is increasing slowly, but steadily.

The availability of disposable contact lens has increased the use of contact lens due to easier way of handling and the taking care part of the contact lens has become very simple. The disposable contact lenses may be cheaper then non disposable contact lenses, but the actual cost of using disposable contact lens may be higher. The only disadvantage of disposable contact lens is the cost, which may be higher than non disposable contact lens for long term use as the requirement of several disposable contact lenses for several days. Slowly disposable and cheap contact lens is also coming to the market. But one should always compare the advantages and disadvantages of using disposable and non disposable contact lenses.

It is always advisable to compare contact lens, from one with another, in terms of durability, cost and comfort of use. You should always think what you need, if you can take care of contact lens regularly, then you can go for a non disposable contact les, which will be cheap in the long run, but if you do not have enough time and can not take care of your contact lens, you should go for disposable contact lens.

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