Electronic Cigarettes – the Help You Need to Stop Smoking

The war on smoking has begun a while back and it started in print and TV advertisements and it’s still being fought. In the beginning, companies weren’t allowed to show people smoking or holding a cigarette. Now, it appears that smoking is so ostracized by our society, that it is OK to stop a man on the street and ask them: “Why are you doing this to yourself? Do you want to die?” Cigarettes are bad for you – that’s a no brainer and it can be so easy to quit – we’ve done it so many times! How about if we had some real help, this time? No teas, no gum, no drops or what not. But real help – we have it. This help comes in the form of electronic cigarettes. If you’re ready to purchase yours, you can claim yours using the V2 cigs coupon code 20.

If you need more arguments, read on. If you also want to know more about quitting other forms of addiction, tips for quitting safely can be found here.

These cigarettes are an electronic device made of four parts: (1) an LED light to make the cigarette look like it is lit, (2) a rechargeable battery, (3) an atomizer and (4) mouthpiece. Just go to ‘sparks ecigs website‘ and check the video to check how all it works. So, here’s how it works: the mouthpiece contains a fluid also called e-juice that is made of nicotine and various flavors and liquids that pose no threat to the health of the individual (vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are used in products such as toothpaste, all the time). The atomizer then turns the liquid into a type of mist that resembles smoke and nicotine gets delivered in your system. And all this through a device that looks exactly like a cigarette.

Do your body a favor, and at least try it! There are so many benefits: no more smoker’s cough, no more nasty smell on your clothes and in your mouth, your hands won’t smell of cigarette ash – and you’re still getting your nicotine dose, so that you’ll avoid feeling the horrible withdrawal symptoms. You can choose from wide range of flavors and levels of nicotine. In the beginning you may want to start with the amount of nicotine you normally get through your daily cigarettes and slowly decrease the amount, so that you are comfortable and always in control. This is the best part of this type of device – you’re always in control of how much nicotine you put in your body. In time you will stop needing nicotine but this doesn’t mean you have to stop smoking them? You can still smoke, just get some e-juice that has no nicotine! Many are addicted to the gesture, so if you don’t know what to do with your hands, just grab your electronic cigarette and start puffing away.

External resource about nicotine addiction: http://www.interventionsupport.com/nicotine-addiction/

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