Few Important Aspects about Women’s Health

ID-100114144There is no clear-cut definition of women’s health. But women’s health is a distinct scientific (medical science) discipline. Women’s health involves the study of biologic differences between males and females. For this purpose National Institutes of Health has established the Office of Research on Women’s Health in 1990. The main aim of it was to develop future agenda for research in the field of women’s health. Being male or female has a broad impact on biologic and disease processes, the study of impact in the process is very important.

In recent times the women’s health has been integrated with internal medicine and other specialties, with the novel approach and idea to provide comprehensive health care for women. Because of incorporation of women’s health into other specialties it has become easier to provide health care delivery and to educate the patient for disease prevention and decision making.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) in a report recommended that the term gender difference should be used to describe biologic processes that differ between males and females and gender difference for features related to social influences.

Women’s health can be explained in common men’s term as ‘health problems which are seen only in women due to its female gender’. In other words it means from physiological menstrual cycle and pregnancy to pathological states like ovarian cancers to leucorrhea or white vaginal discharge (the commonest symptom of women’s health) which is due to fungal infection of female genital tract.

This blog is about women’s health and deals in all the conditions mentioned above i.e. from anatomy of female genital tract and pregnancy to severe pathological state.


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