Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Laser Hair Removal Treatment and Their Answers


Are you tired of those hair popping out of your skin every other day?

Do you have hair here, there and everywhere on your body?

Are you looking forward to getting rid of this unwanted hair permanently?

You must have heard of the laser hair treatment for the permanent removal of the hair; It is, and this is the reason for it getting popular. But there must be some questions coming into your mind, stopping you from deciding on getting this treatment. Well, that is natural. All of us get doubtful when we are about to try something new to our bodies.

Worry not as we have read your mind and we are willing to answer all your queries regarding the laser hair removal treatment. Let us have a look at them one by one.

  • Does this technique work for permanent hair removal?

Well, you must understand that the laser technique is better compares to the others, but the results are around 50-95% for the hair removal. This depends on the type of skin you have, the number of hair, the thickness of hair, etc. the hair does appear later, but they are evidently thinner and more comfortable to cope with.

  • Is the laser hair removal a costly treatment?

Compared to other conventional hair removal techniques, the laser hair treatment does cost more, but you have to invest only once for it. The cost also depends upon the subjected area, the amount of hair to be removed, type of skin and the number of sessions you have to attend to get rid of the excess hair.

Compared to the other methods, laser hair removal is nearly painless. Patients report that they feel a little funny feeling of a rubber band banging slightly on their skin. Otherwise, there is no discomfort. However every person has a different tolerance level, and for those who feel discomfort, a numbing process is done before laser hair treatment.

  • Do you experience some rashes or irritation after the laser treatment?

If you are comparing the irritation and rashes with the waxing or threading, then no, you do not get any rashes. However, depending on your skin type, a highly sensitive skin could get minor rashes or irritation after the process completes.

  • Do you get a green skin after the laser treatment?

These all are the myths associated with the laser treatment, and they make the people get away from the laser treatment, thinking it to be non-effective. Nothing happens to your skin after the process completes.

  • How many sessions would be sufficient for me?

Ideally, it takes four to six sessions for a person to get rid of the excess hair thoroughly. However, some respond only in two sessions while other could take up to eight or more. It is all a matter of your skin and how it responds to the laser.

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