Going Back to Our Roots

Modern age problems:

The age that we live is called as the modern age where everything is available with the click of a button. All things bought on the internet. Gadgets and machines do the toughest and time consuming jobs for us. So, we are actually sitting in a posh couch enjoying all the modern marvels and having fun looking at what we have achieved over the past century. But many centuries before that, was the age of our ancestors who depended on hunting and gathering to find food, fight their way to home and could not store it for lack of refrigeration facility. We, on the other hand store our fridges full of food and mostly junk food and fast food and we just open the fridge to eat. This has set in a nasty disease called obesity which makes good looking people look horrible and old all at the same time. We can change it and bring back our former healthy self and here is the help you need.

The diet:

The diet method that we are talking about is called as the paleo diet in Holland which has come as redemption from all the evils of overeating and craving for sweets and high calories carb binge eating habits. The diet does not ask you to starve yourself or exercise heavily and sweat out at the gym and run for your life to get in shape and all those other things we do in desperation. Desperation is all that we get and the weight climbs back in no time at all.

The recipe:

The recipe here is to follow a natural diet which consists of all fresh fruits and vegetable, and green leafy vegetables and fibre rich food which will help us to feel full and at the same time reduce weight without much effort. There are many recipes available to have you excited and not to get bored for the same food each day. There are at least twenty and odd breakfast, some twelve lunch and equal number of dinner recipes which can be followed and do it in an interesting manner.

It is different:

This diet does require you to do heavy exercises or use any machines or devices which you have purchase shelling out so much money. Here whether you reduce weight or not, you definitely will reduce your wallet to a size zero. There is no problem of regaining the weight and there is no craving for sweets and other fast food items. You feel so full that you would not need more to feel satisfied.


Many have tried the diet combination and have come to tell happy reviews and feedback about the diet plan. Some of them are very happy to have dropped at least two dress sizes. Some have lost more than twelve pounds in just some week’s time. This is not a time limit plan. It is a way of life which you will have to follow all through your life. This is in fact a faster yet efficient way of reducing weight and a rational approach to the whole objective. It has to be followed seriously and if you turn you r back from this then you know what the result would be.

Since this is a new way of life that you have chosen, you must not give in to all the temptations that exist in a fast food joint and the taste of the food there. You will have to forget those unhealthy habits and embrace the new in all seriousness.



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