Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss or alopecia is a common medical problem and millions of individuals suffer from hair loss of thinning of hair. Many people (may be you too) think that thinning hair is mostly a problem of men and women do not suffer from thinning hair. But the fact is not so, in fact more than half of women suffer from some hair loss in their lifetime and it is not difficult to imagine how common hair loss is for women also, not to mention the frequency of thinning of hair among men.

If you are trying to find out treatment for thinning hair, you will be overwhelmed by the number of advertisements, which are promoting products that they claim to treat hair loss or thinning of hairs successfully. But be careful of any unproven (meaning not approved by appropriate Government authority or do not have any scientific clinical trial to back up the claim) claims of cure for thinning hair.

If you are suffering from hair loss the best approach is to consult a dermatologist who specializes in hair loss treatments. There are many drugs (including approved and non approved drugs and herbal formulations) available for treatment of thinning of hair. Most of the formulations do not work or even if they work, the result is far below what is claimed in the advertisements. So it is always best to use approved products for any medical problem, including for treatment of hair loss and in this case the drug which is approved by FDA is finesteride and other related drugs for treatment of hair loss.

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