Healthy and Happy: The Best Ways to Achieve the Perfect Body

ID-100116195We live in a world that is image conscious, the way we look, the clothes we choose to wear they all add to the overall look and the way people perceive us. Our appearance can have an impact on our confidence, our happiness and the way in which we present ourselves. Society has specific ideals about how men and women should look and guides us in the choices we make regarding everything appearance based. The clothes we choose, the hairstyles we have, the things we are into in terms of activities and hobbies, are all directed by what society considers to be fashionable. Our bodies are the biggest bone of contention for many of us and there are diets, workouts, tools and solutions to our happiness about our figures. To lose weight, tone the body of overhaul your appearance you need to undertake a sensible strategy that will not have a negative impact on your health and will allow you to see results through hard work and dedication. The best treadmills and exercise equipment, the best foods and dietary supplements all need to be researched before a diet and exercise plan is begun, a lack of knowledge will result in a lack of results.



Take your information before you begin your exercise plan, make a note of your weight, height, measurements and BMI so you know your starting from and will be able to create a fitness plan accordingly.



You need to decide what it is you wish to achieve, whether it is to lose weight or simply tone your body there are exercises and routines that are perfect for your goal. You need to decide on areas that not only help achieve the end result but that will maintain your interest and motivation.


Cardio Intensive

Cardio routines are the best starting points for exercise and they are varied enough to maintain interest. Running, biking, walking and swimming are ideal forms as they are fun and will achieve results.



You need to adapt your lifestyle to fit with your exercise regime. Walk instead of drive, use work breaks to exercise even if it is just a walk around the office and swap bad snack foods such as crisps and chocolate for fruit and nuts.



Reducing your calorie intake will allow you to burn fat rather than calories during your workouts, which will ultimately see weight begin to decrease. Keep a food diary of your daily intake so you can monitor your eating and calories.



Make sure you increase the amount of fluids you drink to ensure the body is hydrated, we also often believe we are hungry when in fact we are thirsty. Avoid alcohol as much as possible as it is a contributing factor to weight gain.



Find someone or multiple people to work out with, they will help you maintain your motivation and increase the opportunity to have fun whilst exercising, two things that will prevent the end goal from being achieved as many lose heart and end the regime.



Have something to work towards, an event or a purpose to work towards that will keep you motivated and dedicated. Something like a holiday or a wedding or even a certain outfit you want to fit into by a certain time.


Treat Yourself

Constantly sticking to a strict diet and a restrictive exercise regime can be challenging and can make it hard to stick too. If you treat yourself every now and then the regime will be easier to handle as you are able to have occasional treats and fulfil your goal.



Make sure you monitor your progress. Take regular measurements and weigh yourself to see how you are getting on. If you exercise at a gym or through a fitness class ask the instructor how they feel you are getting on and ask for further tips and advice.


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