Hidden Health Dangers For People 50+

ID-10040940It’s clear that an individual’s health becomes even more fragile over the age of 50 and requires a greater degree of care. Regular check-ups and screening tests are vital to sustain a healthy lifestyle as well as protecting yourself, both mentally and physically. Obviously it differs between men and women but recognising the signs and symptoms of any illness should become an absolute necessity.

Key Tests
There are a collection of key tests that, if you’re over the age of 50, you should be having when your visit your doctor. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels will routinely be checked as poor levels are major factors in eventual heart disease which is one of the leading killers, prompting its importance.

For both men and women, diabetes can be a silent killer and can certainly lead to significant health problems, including cancer, so needs to be examined thoroughly. Blood sugar levels are what is important here and patients will needs to ask their doctor all about this.

Mental Health
As you get older, conditions such as Alzheimer’s can present themselves so it’s important to keep the mental health in check as well as the physical. As an individual ages, it’s likely, and natural, that there will be some lapses in memory but it’s vital to differentiate between Alzheimer’s and slight dementia. As exercising the heart can keep it healthy, many experts suggest keeping the brain warm and loose and certain elements, such as refraining from smoking, eating wisely and drinking plenty of water, has been suggested as a possible aid.

Women’s Health
With the influx of menopause, ailments can present themselves so attending regular breast screenings, for example, can be a good idea. It’s claimed that around 80% of cases of breast cancer occur after menopause. Cervical and Ovarian cancer are other forms which can affect older women more regularly after menopause but one of the main issues can be Osteoporosis, an issue that arises due to early menopause.

Men’s Health
With men, the key thing to have checked is the prostate as this mainly affects men over 50 so it’s wise to identify the symptoms early on. Testicular problems will obviously be the main culprit in men’s health and the problem increases in regularity with age so it will need to be checked routinely by a doctor.

Aside from illnesses, the body of someone over 50 is physically fragile and with potential Osteoporosis, a thinning of the bone, injuries from falling can become far more serious and so it’s important to be in a safe environment at the same time. For many, the need to ensure this is taken care of involves a care home where risks are reduced and routine care is given. Emotionally, this can also take a toll, necessitating the need for a healthy mind and heart.

Tips and Advice
Staying healthy shouldn’t ever feel like a chore and a lot of enjoyment can be derived from regular, routine exercise. An idea would be to involve other members of the family as this enables you to get the work-out as well as spending important time with loved ones.

Eat healthy, take vitamins and ensure you’re up to date with all necessary vaccines to keep minor illnesses and ailments away. Keep the brain interested by completing puzzles, writing memoirs and going out regularly, visiting museums, famous landmarks and other things you’ve always wanted to do. This keeps you busy and prevents forms of depression from settling in, another strong example of poor mental health.

Erin Warbrook is a writer from Perth, specialising in Auto, Health and Safety. While caring for her elderly relatives, Erin got great advice and assistance from The Brightwater Group Aged Care who are committed to community care.


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