High Protein diet – Extremely helpful in Weight Loss


Do you want to reduce weight? Protein plays a very important role. High protein diet is very important and is scientifically backed. Hence it will definitely help you reduce weight fast and cut the belly fat.

First, let us get the base ready. For weight loss, you need to increase the protein intake and decrease the carbohydrate intake which is supported by countless studies [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11], and many more….

There are various reasons for a high protein diet. Some of them are :

  1. Protein is more satisfying as compared to carb
    There are studies which show that protein intake leads to a higher level of satiety which eventually helps in reducing weight. This means that you tend to feel more contented when you eat protein in the same amount than when you eat carbohydrate.[1][2][5]
    A group of 27 obese men were divided into two groups each with high protein(G1) and normal protein(G2) diet. G1 was found to have felt more fullness than G2. Also, G1’s desire to eat late at night turned out to be 50% less than G2.
  2. Helps in the preservation of lean body mass
    Lean body mass is the body composition which constitutes the total body weight minus body fat weight. Higher the lean body mass, higher is the metabolism and is also helpful to fight diseases, obesity and helps in long term fitness. A study shows that higher protein intake helps in the preservation of lean body mass [2][3][4]. Also, maternal diet having high carb increases the risk of obesity in offsprings. [3]
  3. Helps in regaining fat-free mass in lower body

Protein not only helps you lose weight but also helps you regain the good fat-free mass in the lower body that one must have, for a better body structure and stability [11]. According to a study, a meagre increase in the protein intake (15% to 18%) increased the lower body fat-free mass by a whopping 50% [11].

According to Richard S. Cooper, MD and Amy Luke, PhD, exercising does not help you reduce weight but it certainly helps you build overall fitness [12]. According to them, when you exercise, you burn calories and to compensate you eat more.

And this might come as a big shock to many people. Exercising along with calorie restricted diet has almost same resulted weight loss when the calorie restricted diet is considered alone[12]. So if you have joined a gym or started working out specifically to lose weight then rethink. But you must continue the exercising if you want overall fitness, physique, strength, muscle mass.

All these studies point out that calorie from protein must constitute 30-40% of total calorie intake.

Now suppose, you want to reduce weight. You can opt for a calorie restricted diet of 1200 to 1800 depending on the level which your body and mind can sustain. It also depends on the present calorie intake and most importantly your goal. The carbohydrate intake should be low to about 30-40% and the rest should be fat. There are some foods which you should include in your diet you can include to reduce weight for e.g., nuts, green leafy vegetable.

Diet Plan

I have prepared a custom 1200 high protein, low carb diet for people who want to reduce weight without compromising on lean body mass and nutrients. Click here to get it.

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