How Exercise Imparts Health Benefits?

Exercise has many health benefits and all of us are aware of these facts. But not many of us know what exactly helps us to get benefited by doing regular moderate physical exercise. There are several mechanisms by which moderate physical exercise helps us remain fit and live longer and healthy life. Some of the main ways how exercise gives us health benefits and keep us healthy and wealthy.

  • By doing regular physical exercise we burn lots of calories daily and keep our body weight under control. Keeping body weight within normal limit has its health benefits, which we all are aware of.
  • During physical exercise our heart pumps more blood to meet the increased oxygen demand by the exercising muscles, which keeps heart healthy and do not allow harmful cholesterol to be deposited in the blood vessels (arteries) and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Regular moderate physical exercise increases the working capacity of heart and keeps us healthy.
  • Regular moderate physical exercise can bring blood pressure down (it may not bring down to normal, but it brings the blood pressure down to some extent) in individuals with high blood pressure.
  • Exercise which are weight bearing can make our bones stronger by promoting mineralization of bones and reduce/prevent osteoporosis, which is common among women after menopause.
  • Reducing body weight by regular moderate exercise can help reduce backache by reducing the load of the spine and also by making the muscles of the spine stronger. Exercise makes our muscles strong and more flexible which also help in reducing back pain.
  • Regular moderate physical exercise can elevate our mood and keep us energetic, which can help us remain healthy. Exercise reduces anxiety and depression and also management of stress becomes easier by doing regular moderate exercise.


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