Medical Refrigeration for Safety

ID-10091061For keeping many medical items safely (for preserving items properly) refrigerator is must in any medical setup. Medical setups like hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic and research laboratories, clinical research organizations and in every field of medical research require medical refrigerators. Medical refrigerators generally provide CFC free refrigeration system and insulation. Medical refrigerators are easily available these days, due to the use of them in all the medical facilities.

Medical refrigeration is unique in its way as the medical refrigerators need to have some special features in them. The following special features should be there in a good quality medical refrigerator:

  1. Temperature of inside air should be maintained between +2ºC and +8ºC (unlike household refrigerators which maintain internal air temperature between +4ºC and +8ºC).
  2. Microprocessor digital temperature control with maximum/minimum memory for continuous monitoring of temperature between +2ºC and +8ºC.
  3. The door of the medical refrigerator has to be made of good quality and transparent glass.
  4. Digital display of temperature, humidity and provision of internal fluorescent light (which is not switched off when door is closed).
  5. Audio-visual alarm signal if there is any temperature deviation, with remote alarm terminals providing mains failure alarm signal.
  6. Automatic defrosting facility.
  7. Removable shelves.
  8. Multifunctional alarm system of the refrigerator.
  9. Locking facility of the door for the safety of the products inside with provision of more than one key.
  10. Sparkfree safe interior.

The medical refrigerators are used for different purposes in different medical setups. Some of the examples of the use of medical refrigerators are for preserving vaccines, for preserving various medicines in medical stores (including medicine shops), for safely storing blood in blood banks, in laboratories (both diagnostic as well as research laboratories) to keep different reagents and mediums safely for longer duration etc. and also many more uses.


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