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Get Personal Trainer Certificate and Become Personal Trainer

ID-100120608If you (or anyone) want to take up profession of personal training as a carrier, the first thing you need is a personal trainer certificate from a recognized personal training institute such as National Personal Training Institute. Qualified personal trainers have requisite personal training certification from an institute that offer personal training or fitness-training course.

What is the job/function of personal trainer?

A personal trainer is actually a fitness expert whose job is to provide fitness training to individuals (including athletes, individuals who want to remain fit and healthy) and prescribe fitness program for individuals. A personal trainer may prescribe specific fitness routine (program that can fit in routine activities of the individual) to an individual who may not attend to training sessions conducted by them. Such fitness programs must be individualized, because every individual have different activity and different expectation and limitations and a personal trainer must keep that in mind while prescribing a fitness regimen for a person. Job of a fitness trainer or personal trainer does not end in prescribing a fitness regimen for an individual, but he/she is actually an educator, who educates and trains their clients about importance of fitness and how to maintain fitness level and also health benefits of remaining fit. Read more…

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Recognizing Your Addiction

Dealing with addiction is not only difficult, it can be heartbreaking. From the intensity of withdrawal to the second chance at life after rehabilitation, any recovering addict will tell you that the journey is a rocky road paved with hardship. Yet for some, the first step is the most painful and the most difficult: admitting that you have an addiction or being able to recognize the symptoms. You could have around the corner a drug rehab in northern California and still continue to live in denial or ignorance. If you struggle with drug use and its effect on your life, consider these statements and begin to help yourself.

You Have Lost Friends or Partners Over Your Drug Use

“I’m worried about you.” “You are high so much.” “Where has my friend gone?” These are all statements you might have heard from someone who was in your life but chose to leave it because of your drug use. No one wants to examine their friend or partner and see an addict, so statements like these are made out of love and concern for you. Has your relationship with drugs has become the main, or only, one in your life?

You Spend Beyond Your Means – For Drugs

Perhaps this is how one’s drug addiction begins: instead of that new cell phone or designer bag, a casual user will spend a nice bonus on cocaine. As use turns to abuse, however, addicts will find themselves sacrificing the things they need – clothes, food, rent – on drugs that they don’t. Credit card bills may pile up because they’re charging everything in order to use their cash flow to pay the dealer. Addicts are horrified when their checking accounts are wiped out faster than the blink of an eye and there’s nothing left to buy groceries. Read more…

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What is Premenstrual Tension?

Some women experience certain premenstrual symptoms called premenstrual tension about 7-10 days before the start of menstrual bleeding. These premenstrual symptoms include irritability, malaise, lassitude, headache, gastrointestinal upset like constipation and spasm of colon, feeling of fullness of the breasts and abdomen, frequency of urination etc. There may also be feeling of congestion in the feet and face. In some women these symptoms become exaggerated and form a well marked psychosomatic disorder.

In some of the cases of premenstrual tension water retention can be demonstrated by an increase of body weight up to 5 kilos which is accompanied by pedal edema. This is more marked if the patient has history of phlebothrombosis. The fullness of breasts can be prominent symptom and can be accompanied by breast tenderness. On examination of breasts, there is hardness and lumpy feeling and there is also tenderness. Some women with premenstrual tension suffer from migraine headache which disappear if the woman become pregnant.

The cause or etiology of premenstrual tension is not clear. It is suggested (but not proved) that premenstrual tension may be due to excess production of estrogen and abnormal or disturbance in adrenal function, because there is always an increase of extra-cellular water throughout the body. This is because estrogen is recognized to cause water and sodium retention as seen in carcinoma of prostate, where there is excess production of estrogen. But presence of large amount of estrogen does not always produce water retention as seen in granulosa cell tumor. Adrenal cortical steroids and progesterone (progesterone containing oral contraceptive pills may are well known for their water retention properties) can also cause water retention, so it may not be always due to estrogen excess.

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Should you use Amberen for Menopause?

Menopause is a physiological process in a woman’s life and all women should be prepared to face it. Although menopause is a physiological process, a woman may encounter some medical problem during or around time of menopause (perimenopausal symptoms) and need to get it treated appropriately by concerned physicians. There are many treatment modalities for problems arising around time of menopause, such as prescription drug treatment, natural remedies for menopause etc. for perimenopasal symptoms.

Now the question is what type of treatment modality you should use. The choice should of course be yours, as you are the one who require treatment and you are the best judge to decide which is best suited for you. But your decision should be based on your understanding of the topic (here topic is treatment of perimenopausal symptoms) and if you are less familiar with the topic you can learn the topic from the information available on the net. You can also get valuable information on general blogs on menopause and perimenopasal symptoms. So, if you are approaching your menopause (which is generally between age of 45 to 50 years in most women), it is high time you learn about menopause and medical problems that may arise due to menopause. Prepare yourself to face the inevitable and learn what treatment remedy you would like to get in case medical problem arise around menopause.

Amberen is a natural product for remedy of perimenopausal symptoms. It contains 100% natural ingredients and promise to bring relief to perimenopausal medical problems. The ingredients in Amberen are non hormonal but acts like hormone products. All the natural ingredients are on FDA’s approved Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) list and can be taken as safe for use. The treatment schedule for the product is to take it for three months and rest of three months and the cycle should be repeated. Due to interrupted schedule the cost of treatment is also reduced. The side effects of Amberen are mild headache, itching etc. although the manufacturer may claim to have no side effects.

There are also several natural ways to ease menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms such as use of vitamin E (800 IU/day for one month), use of natural progesterone cream, acupuncture and yoga, use of several herbal medications (other than Amberen) and regular exercise.  Herbs and other natural remedies are liked by many individuals and yo should also decide if you would like to use them. If not all you will certainly be benefited by use of some natural remedies.

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