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The Importance of Urinary Healthcare

ID-100211917If you require a catheter, due to illness or physical requirements, it is important to understand the basics of urinary healthcare. Infections can be caused by bacteria from poor hygiene practices and can lead to more serious health problems if not treated correctly.


Millions of people across the world use catheters on a regular basis and many choose to fit their own, in the comfort of their own at home, without any additional assistance. This can save time and reduce the number of costly hospital appointments and so it is often worth learning how to do it at home. There are a variety of Bard catheters to suit any medical need and many can be bought online for this purpose.



If you are buying your catheters for use at home then the first thing you must ensure is that the room you are using is clean and hygienic. Most people use either their bathroom or bedroom as a safe, comfortable place to insert their catheter in peace but it is very important that the area is thoroughly cleaned beforehand as disease is easily spread across surfaces. Antibacterial hand wash is your best friend when it comes to keeping things clean and you should always wash your hands thoroughly before touching any catheter equipment. Read more…

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Know About Normal Menstrual Cycle

ID-100120401“Menstruation is the funeral process for the unfertilized ovum” is how some people explain the menstruation. If the fertilization occurs there is no menstruation for as long as the child is not born.

The beginning of menstruation in a woman is called menarche. In healthy women the menstruation starts between the ages of 12-14 years and persists throughout the reproductive life till menopause sets. The average duration of menstrual cycle is of 28 days and duration of blood flow is about 4-6 days. The length of menstrual cycle may be few days more or few days less than 28 days. The menopause sets normally between the ages of 45 to 52 years.

It is quite common for departures from the normal sequences that occur in women who are otherwise can be called healthy and for this minor departures are not considered pathological. Depending on racial factors, nutritional status, geographical conditions, environmental influences and indulgence of strenuous physical activity there may be minor variation in menstrual cycle and the age of onset of menarche. Read more…

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When You Should Get Help For Mental Health Issues

ID-10076342Many people who have mental health issues don’t realize that they do or are in denial. As a result, they do not get the help they need. They settle for a lesser quality of life—not feeling happy, not having good relationships, not enjoying life. This is unfortunate because no one has to live that way.

If you suspect you might have a mental health issue, care about yourself enough to seek help. It might feel scary, but getting help is the key to helping you become healthy.

Some signs you might want to seek help include:

·  Feeling like you are on an emotional roller coaster

·  Use of recreational drugs or alcohol to assuage your troubles

·  Having suicidal thoughts or feeling hopeless

·  Feeling anxious or worrying all the time

·  Having trouble going to sleep or staying asleep

·  Feeling depressed

·  A change in appetite, or rapid weight loss or gain

·  Being overly emotional or experiencing big mood swings

·  Having difficulty concentrating

You can also complete an anonymous online survey here to screen yourself for potential disorders. Your friends or family, people who love and care about you, may have suggested that you get some help. If these are people you trust you should consider their concerns and that something may be wrong. Read more…

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How Thyroid Screening Can Help You to Manage Thyroid Disease

There are three or four readings that are assessed when you have a thyroid health screening test: TSH, TT4, FT4, and sometimes TT3. Alternatively, you can also get a combination of Thyroid Panel and TSH. In both cases, your results are assessed in the context of a range of results so you can get a good idea of how your results compare to those in the average range.

The TSH test tests of thyroid stimulating hormone, which is produced by the pituitary gland to stimulate the thyroid to create more hormones. TSH levels usually rise when the thyroid is battling to produce hormones—if your TSH levels are high, this means that your thyroid is not acting the way it should, or producing as much thyroid hormone as your bod would require in order to function properly. The average range for the test is usually between 0.3 and 3.0, and was altered from 0.5 to 5.0, which had been upheld as normal until 2002.This change evidently meant that many people in America who had believed they were in the normal range (those scoring above 3.0 but below 5.0) would now receive a hypothyroidism diagnosis. The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists refers to those to whom this applies as suffering “from a mild thyroid disorder.”

Some doctors base their thyroid diagnoses solely on this test, which they believe is the only one required to determine whether thyroid activity levels are below or above the norm. However, this attitude, too, has its opponents, since interpreting this test varies widely from one doctor to another.

TT4 or total 4 is the amount of thyroid hormone you have that is bound to proteins. TT4 levels drop when the thyroid is battling. The range for this test is between 50 and 160.
FT4 or free T4 is the amount of thyroid hormone you have in your body, not bound to proteins. The range is between 10 and 24 in a healthy person.

FT3 or free T3 is produced by TT4 which is converted by the body and is the only thyroid hormone used by the body’s cells. The range for this test spans 4 to 8.3. If your body is not converting TT4 your TT3 levels will be low and, if your receptor cells are blocked your TT3 levels will be high. Everyone’s definition is different and everyone’s bodies need different amounts of hormones to function optimally. The ranges are also quite vast and someone on either end of the scale could be classed as having a normal reading. If you are not converting TT4 to TT3 then your TSH and T4 levels could still be giving a normal result, so the TT3 test is an important one.

Another important consideration is that hypothyroid sufferers tend to have low blood volume, so any blood test taken is likely to give a high reading. It is important for people who believe they suffer from ailments of the thyroid to investigate all potential issues, since treatments with T4 alone can cause further problems and complications. For instance, T4 medication such as Synthroid can at first cause low blood pressure. This, in time, will lead to high blood pressure if left improperly treated. People with low blood pressure may have problems with their kidneys, which cannot properly filter out the waste matter in the body. In turn, this will lead to the production of angiotensin, a decisive factor in raising blood pressure. The adrenal glands can also produce increased volumes of cortisol, which will yield the same effect.

The basal temperature test is also an important one although it is not taught at UK medical school. It is an important diagnostic tool as the only other conditions that present with a low basal body temperature are alcoholism, malnutrition, hypothermia and liver failure. It seeks to identify the lowest temperature of the body during sleep and can also be used to estimate women’s ovulation dates, since the process usually provokes a significant increase in body temperature, of up to 1 degree Fahrenheit. It has also been used as a way to prevent pregnancy, although many have questioned this use, since the basal body temperature test cannot predict ovulation in advance, as would be required in order to avoid pregnancy. The basal temperature test should be performed in conjunction with other tests or on occasions where blood tests have not revealed a thyroid problem but symptoms of hypo or hyperthyroidism are present.

Recent research from the Czech Republic has found that thyroid health screening in pregnant women may give an indication as to whether they are likely to develop postpartum thyroiditis. Some women carry a marker which signifies they may be at risk of developing thyroid disease and autoimmune disorders. In the study that was performed two thirds of the women had thyroid problems within two years of giving birth.


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Minoxidil and Finesteride in hair loss treatment

At present USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) approves only two pharmacological products (drugs) for treatment of hair loss or thinning of hairs. Many people may claim many things about treatment of thinning of hairs, but all these claims of successful treatment of thinning of hairs are not based on scientific proof and those claims can not be proved scientifically. So if you suffer from hair loss or baldness and you want to get it treated properly, than you should always go for products containing finesteride or minoxidil and you will know what result to expect.

Finesteride or minoxidil reduce hair loss and in few cases even effective in growing new hairs. But, unfortunately the results of these two products are limited as long as they are taken, especially the few good results where new hairs grow after taking finesteride or minoxidil.

Minoxidil is basically a vasodilator or dilates blood vessels. Minoxidil is also available as ointment form, which is required to rub on the scalp twice a day, especially over the area in scalp where hair loss is present. There are many studies which prove that minoxidil is effective in slowing hair loss. The biggest disadvantage of use of minoxidil is the loss of effect of the drug after it is discontinued. Minoxidil is also more effective in the crown of the head and may not be effective in stopping the receding hairline.

Finesteride is actually used for treatment of BHP (benign hypertrophy of prostate gland) initially, with brand name Proscar. But many doctors noticed, use of finesteride is associated with reduce hair loss and delay in appearance of baldness. Following these observations by several doctors and after extensive clinical trials low dose finesteride was developed with brand name Propecia, only for use in hair loss. Actions, side effects and disadvantages of finesteride are same as minoxidil.

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Treat Your Eye Health Problems in London

Eye problems are common health problems in all parts of the world and among eye problems refractive errors are the most commonly encountered. A very high percentage of people throughout the world suffer from refractive errors of eyes such as myopia (near sightedness), far sightedness, astigmatism etc.

If you are suffering from any refractive errors of eye/eyes and you live in London, you can use laser eye surgery London service from different eye hospitals in London. The refractive errors were treated (managed) with glasses (spectacles), contact lenses and by laser surgery. After the invention of laser eye surgeries for correction of refractive errors the use of laser eye surgeries such as LASIK (laser assisted in situ keratomileusis) has gained popularity and still gaining. Most people with refractive error are using laser eye surgeries as it has got the potential of permanent cure with minimal if any side effects which are acceptable to most patients with refractive errors of eye, unlike glasses or contact lenses.

If you have refractive errors of eye and decided to undergo treatment for that you can do so by choosing you service online and enjoy the benefits of Treatment Saver, which many eye hospitals are offering. A treatment saver package can save you good amount of money, especially if you use the treatment saver package online or through some affiliates. There are many well-known and well trusted websites which offer Treatment Saver to provide affordable eye health service to people with eye problems. If you have decided to use treatment saver for you eye health problems, you should always compare different offers of laser eye surgery available to you.

If you have decided to use laser eye surgery in London for your eye health problem, think about using Optical Express, as they are one of the best and largest service providers for eye health. Optical Express carries out more laser eye surgeries than any other organization in Europe and it is always wise and safe to go with the largest and best and you will not regret for it later.

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Treatment of Syphilis

The causative agent for syphilis is Treponema pallidum, a spirochete. Syphilis is still fairly common disease (it is a sexually transmitted disease), despite presence of very effective antibiotics such as penicillin. At present globally more than 10 million people contact syphilis, annually. But there is a sharp decline of more than 95% in the past 50 years in the incidence of syphilis after advent of penicillin therapy to treat syphilis effectively.

The antibiotic of choice for treatment of syphilis is still penicillin for all the stages of syphilis. There is no reported incidence of resistance of Treponema pallidum to penicillin and hence still the drug of choice.

The CDC has given a guideline for treatment of syphilis in the year 2006 which is given below:

  • Treatment of syphilis in Primary, secondary, and early latent phase of syphilis is Penicillin G benzathine (a single dose of 2.4 million units intramuscularly).
  • Late latent phase, or cardiovascular involvement, CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) analysis should be done. If CSF is normal Penicillin G benzathine 2.4 million units intramuscularly weekly for 3 weeks. If CSF is abnormal it should be treated as neurosyphilis.
  • Neurosyphilis, either symptomatic or asymptomatic is to be treated with aqueous penicillin G, 18–24 million units intravenously, given every 4 hourly (3–4 million units) or by continuous intravenous infusion. Alternative regimen is aqueous penicillin G procaine, 2.4 million units intramuscularly plus oral probenecid (500 mg every 6 hourly), both for 10–14 days.
  • During pregnancy the treatment is same as with general population and according to stages.
  • If patient is sensitive to penicillin, alternative includes Tetracycline hydrochloride (500 mg orally 4 times a day) or doxycycline (100 mg orally two times a day) for 14 days. Penicillin sensitive pregnant patients or patients with neurosyphilis have to be treated with penicillin after desensitization.

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How Common are STDs?

Worldwide it is estimated that most adults acquire at least one STI in their lifetime. Throughout the world sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or STIs (sexually transmitted infections) rank among the most common infections.Certain STIs are distributed evenly throughout any society, e.g. are chlamydial infections, genital infections with HPV, genital herpes etc.

Some STIs are distributed among “core populations”. The ‘core populations’ include high rates of sexual partner change, some homosexual men, multiple concurrent sexual partners, highly connected sexual networks (involving prostitutes and their clients), users of illicit drugs (drug abusers especially crack cocaine, methamphetamine etc.). Examples of these “core populations” STIs are syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV infection, hepatitis B, chancroid etc.

At present more than 30 infections are there which can be classified under STDs (sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmissible diseases with sexual mode as minor mode and sexually transmissible diseases). 90% of the worlds STIs (sexually transmitted infections) are seen in the developing countries where 75% of the world population resides. There are many factors for high numbers of STIs in the developing countries, like rural to urban migration, high population growth (especially high number of young adults), poverty, wars etc. which causes risky sexual behavior.

Generally three factors influence the rate of spread of STDs in a community. These factors are rate of sexual exposure of susceptible individuals to infectious (STDs) people, duration of infectivity (longer duration if not treated adequately) and efficiency of transmission of STDs per sexual exposure. So aim and efforts of preventing (and reducing) STDs should be to decrease the rate of sexual exposure of susceptible individuals to infected persons (by individual counseling), reduce duration of infectivity by early diagnosis and prompt curative or suppressive treatment and to reduce efficiency of transmission by use of barrier methods like condoms and safer sexual practices and recently through male circumcision (in selected cases).

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