Recognizing Your Addiction

Dealing with addiction is not only difficult, it can be heartbreaking. From the intensity of withdrawal to the second chance at life after rehabilitation, any recovering addict will tell you that the journey is a rocky road paved with hardship. Yet for some, the first step is the most painful and the most difficult: admitting that you have an addiction or being able to recognize the symptoms. You could have around the corner a drug rehab in northern California and still continue to live in denial or ignorance. If you struggle with drug use and its effect on your life, consider these statements and begin to help yourself.

You Have Lost Friends or Partners Over Your Drug Use

“I’m worried about you.” “You are high so much.” “Where has my friend gone?” These are all statements you might have heard from someone who was in your life but chose to leave it because of your drug use. No one wants to examine their friend or partner and see an addict, so statements like these are made out of love and concern for you. Has your relationship with drugs has become the main, or only, one in your life?

You Spend Beyond Your Means – For Drugs

Perhaps this is how one’s drug addiction begins: instead of that new cell phone or designer bag, a casual user will spend a nice bonus on cocaine. As use turns to abuse, however, addicts will find themselves sacrificing the things they need – clothes, food, rent – on drugs that they don’t. Credit card bills may pile up because they’re charging everything in order to use their cash flow to pay the dealer. Addicts are horrified when their checking accounts are wiped out faster than the blink of an eye and there’s nothing left to buy groceries.

Intense Emotions Make You Turn to Drugs More and More

Addiction of any kind serves as a psychological escape from situations we have a difficult time dealing with. In the like fashion of a food addict, do you turn to drugs when you’re experiencing an intense emotion, like frustration after a rough day at work? Or sadness because someone close to you died? Or even anger? Do you see yourself and your behaviors in this article and get so upset you want to smoke some marijuana to block it out? You don’t have to go on like this. You can click here for help with opiate addiction and reclaim your life.

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