Some Facts about Teeth Whitening

ID-10055131White and glistening teeth are desired by every men and women. Teeth whitening can be also sometimes called (although incorrectly) bleaching of teeth and it is part of cosmetic dentistry, which has become very popular, especially among young generation. You can get teeth whitening solutions at your nearest drug stores (to be used by yourself) or you can get the entire procedure done at your dentist’s clinic.

Many people have used teeth whitening but very few of the general population as well as the users of teeth whitening have adequate knowledge about teeth whitening. Due to lack of adequate knowledge about teeth whitening the misinformation is very much present among people (users as well as non users of teeth whitening). The most common misinformation people have is about the duration a single use of whitening solution or procedure at your dentist’s clinic can give. The fact is you need to use teeth whitening regularly to get a long lasting of permanent white and glistening teeth.

According to USFDA the term “bleaching” of teeth is whitening teeth beyond their natural white color and whitening is to restore natural white color of teeth if they are stained or discolored. But practically almost all the whitening solutions contain bleaching chemicals like hydrogen peroxide. Strictly speaking these whitening solutions containing beaching chemical should be called bleach (according to the USFDA definition), but they are called whitening solutions (most likely, whitening sound better than bleach).

Different individuals use whitening solutions for different purpose. Some use teeth whitening to remove stains and some individuals use teeth whitening to restore natural color and add some glaze in teeth.


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