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Health Benefits of Walking

ID-100161844We all know walking and other physical activities and physical exercise, especially aerobic physical exercise is beneficial to us to live a healthy life. We also know the phrase “health is wealth”, but unfortunately not many of us (may be you are included) do not practice what we know in our practical life. Walking is such a physical activity which has enormous health benefit in our entire life. Walking is also such an activity (better to say aerobic physical exercise) which every able bodied person can do and maintain. For lifelong continuation walking is a very good exercise, which can be continued for life, including at old age unlike other exercises which may not be able to continue at old age as they are comparatively heavy and need dedication for continuation.

We all know the health benefits of walking and other aerobic physical activities. But some of the health benefits of walking are discussed here. The most important health benefit of walking is the benefit it can give to the heart and cardiovascular system. Regular walking can help in keeping the coronary arteries patent by not allowing the cholesterol to get deposited in the walls of coronary arteries. Walking if continued along with dietary modification is one of the best approaches a heart patient can take. Walking with dietary modification can also help a diabetic to control his/her blood sugar level and in many cases this combination is all that is required to control blood sugar. Dietary modification and walking can delay appearance of diabetes by several years and in the initial stage of diabetes dietary modification and exercise is all that may be required for maintaining normal blood sugar level. Read more…

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Anticancer and Anti Diabetic Health Benefits of Tea

ID-100169114There are enormous health benefits of tea, especially green tea, and the anti-cancer and anti-diabetic health benefits of tea are discussed here.

Several studies suggest that tea; especially green tea can protect us from certain cancers such as breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancers and prostate cancer. A study in Japan found that the antioxidants such as epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG present in tea are the reason for protection from cancer. The study found that two to three cups of green tea contain enough epigallocatechin gallate to help in prevent growth of lung cancer cells. The growth of lung cancer cells is slowed due to blocking of a receptor called 67 LR present in lung cancer cells by epigallocatechin gallate. Another study found that if a person drinks only a cup of green tea a day has five times less chance of developing lung cancer in compare to a person who do not drink green tea. Read more…

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What are the Health Benefits of Tea

ID-10046439Tea has many health benefits and we all are aware of it. The enormous health benefits of tea can be best explained by a Chinese proverb “you can go without food for a week, but can not go without tea for a day”. Tea is a source of several healthy ingredients such as antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to name a few. Tea is only next to water for replacing fluid in our body, and water only replace the body fluid but tea can supply many nutrients along with replacing water for the body.

Some of the health benefits of tea are mentioned here and they are

  • Tea has anticancer properties and tea is credited with preventing certain cancers due to presence of large amounts of antioxidants in tea.
  • Tea can boost mental alertness and help to remain awake and very helpful for students, especially before exams. Tea helps in remaining calm as well as alert.
  • Tea has some anti diabetic properties and can postpone development of type II diabetes among susceptible individuals. Read more…

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Health Benefits of Apple

ID-100140646Apple is the most commonly eaten fruit in the world, as apple production is largest among all fruits in the world. There are several health benefits of apple. Apple is a health fruit (as most of the fruits are) with many benefits and apple has the following health benefits:

  1. Apple contains large quantities of vitamins and minerals, which can strengthen immune system of our body. Vitamins and minerals are the essential components of our immune system and they are also required in routine body function.
  2. Apple is very rich in antioxidants like, flavonoid, polyphenols etc. which are mainly present in the skin of apple. 100 gram of whole apple (including skin) can provide antioxidant which is equivalent to the antioxidant effect of 1500 mg of vitamin C. Antioxidants are the most effective fighter against development of cancer in humans.
  3. The tartaric acid and malic acid that are present in apple in high amount can help in preventing liver problems and digestion problems.
  4. Eating of at least one apple a day can help in controlling blood cholesterol level to normal limit. By keeping blood cholesterol level under control, apples can prevent many heart diseases from emerging and keep us healthy. Read more…

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Health Benefits of Exercise

ID-10089670We all are aware of the health benefits of exercise, but very few of us know the exact benefits of regular physical exercise. Although we all know and aware of the health benefits of regular physical exercise only few of us are engaged in regular physical exercise. Only small percentage of population does regular physical exercise to keep them fit and healthy. Knowing the exact health benefits of regular physical exercise may help people to adapt the healthy living by doing regular physical exercise.

The health benefits of regular physical exercise are enormous and include improvement of mental health (psychological health) too along with physical health. Regular physical exercise improves mood, reduce depression and anxiety and also help to cope with stress better.

Some of the important health benefits of regular physical exercise are:

  • Regular physical exercise increase chance of living longer and healthier life, in compare to people who do not do regular physical exercise.
  • Regular physical exercise improves quality of life by reducing risk of several chronic diseases and also by preventing several diseases. Read more…
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