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Lymphedema Symptoms And Treatment

LymphademaLymphedema or lymphatic obstruction, which results in fluid retention (edema) which is localized and local tissue swelling due to obstruction of lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for returning of interstitial fluid to blood stream via thoracic duct. All vessels of lymphatic system drain into thoracic duct, which finally drain into blood stream, thus fluid is re-circulated between tissues and blood stream. When there is obstruction to this physiological lymphatic system at any point and formation of localized lymphedema, there is increased risk of infection in that area. Worldwide lymphedema affects approximately 150 million people with various degrees of symptoms.

What are the symptoms of lymphedema?

Symptoms of lymphedema are swelling of limb(s) or local area (such as neck, head etc.) due to accumulation of fluid, discoloration of skin over swelling, generalized weakness (fatigue) and eventually deformity of limbs or local area. Read more…

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