Use of Generic Drugs in Treating Diseases

Generic drugs are same as that of a brand name drug. The only difference is that patent protection is not available to generic drugs as that of brand drug. As far as quality and efficacy of generic drugs is concerned there is no difference in generic drug from a non generic or brand name drug. Generic drugs are same as that of brand name drugs in terms of its therapeutic use, dosage, route of administration, risks and side effects, safety and strength as that of the original drug (brand name drug). Many people think that generic drugs are inferior in quality (as many think they are produced in poorer quality facilities and inferior quality) in compare to brand name drugs, but it is a myth and there is no truth in it.

USFDA regards generic and brand name drugs as equal and they apply the same standards for quality control of both generic and brand name drugs. Same standards are used for all drug manufacturing facilities and according to FDA 50% of generic drugs are produced by brand-name companies, many of them are in the same manufacturing facilities.

The list genric drug names is very long and becoming longer day by day, due to removal of patent protection from many brand name drugs after the expiry of patent right. Many generic drugs are available these days like generic Viagra, generic propecia, generic xenical and many more.

The advantages of generic drug are the low cost of the drug as it can be produced and distributed (sold) by any company without any patent obligation. The quality and efficacy of the generic drugs are same as that of bran name drugs.  

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