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ID-10081581We all know about health and understand what health is. But very few of us know exactly what health is according to authorities on health, like WHO (World Health Organization). All of us may think we know what health is, but unfortunately we do not know what health is exactly. Many of us know what health is only superficially and have a general understanding of health in broad way. But unfortunately we do not know the exact definition of health.

Different authorities have defined health differently, but the most widely accepted (and most likely the best definition) definition of health is given by World Health Organization, which defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely absence of infirmity or disease”.
Recently in the definition of health this is also added: “able to lead a socially and economically productive life” by World Health Organization. But this definition is criticized by many authorities as too it being too broad. Many people also argue that health can not be a “state” as defined by World Health Organization, and health should be seen as a continuous adjustment process to the changing demands of modern day life as well as changing meaning of life in the light of modern lifestyle.

Health is actually a dynamic concept and it is not a “state”. Health should make people able to work well, live well and enjoy themselves well. The World Health Organization definition of health is considered by many authorities as being too idealistic goal rather than a realistic. Many consider the definition of health by World Health Organization as irrelevant in modern day life, as according to the definition, nobody can qualify as healthy i.e. perfect biological, psychological and social functioning. So if we accept the definition of “health” by World Health Organization, we are all sick.

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