Why Health is a Global Problem?


Health in perspective of global scenario or “global health” is not a discipline in itself, but it is a collection of problems (health related problems as well as economic, technical, administrative and other non health related problems). A single review of global health can only find out and lay out the major problems that by the global community and chalk out the application of modern medicine in settings of great poverty or across national boundaries.

There are many international bodies, which are engaged in tackling of major global health issues like AIDS/HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, influenza, major communicable diseases etc. to name a few. Some of the major international bodies engaged in global health problem are WHO (World Health Organization), UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) and many more. These international organizations are trying to solve some basic issues in health care. But unfortunately health may be a subject of health care professionals and health care administrators; the issue of health is also an issue of social justice and social and community development. Without social justice and comprehensive social development (economic development, educational development, social development etc.) the global health problems can not be addressed successfully. Finally the issue of health, including global health is a political issue and without political will the issue of health and health related problems can not be solved or curved.

Former Prime Minister of India, late Mrs. Indira Gandhi said in one of her speech “The most important vaccine to prevent disease and illness is economic development”. And this comment was very true; without true economic development the issue of health will remain unsolved and no matter what State or individuals do to improve health in general, without economic development it will remain unsolved and as a burden. The political leadership should make economic development as their number one priority to secure a healthy environment for us and also for the future generations to come.

To solve the global issues on health, we need to solve local issues first, especially in poor and developing regions of the world. These days of “global village” era, no country (including developed industrial countries) is immune from effects of a pandemic disease, so each and every human being of this planet should work towards a goal of improved global health.



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